'The New World Order is Upon Us, Greatest Danger of our Life' - video

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video by Thierry Baudet
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RAIR Foundation
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14 April 2022
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Our American Future
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For the past several weeks, Thierry Baudet, founder and leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD), made English-language YouTube shows about the most critical topics threatening our world. The conservative leader takes on Globalists New World Order in his fourth episode, "What's Wrong With The West?". He addresses current problems plaguing the West and identifies the three major trends responsible for what we are witnessing today: immigration, supranational legislation, and climate change.

Thierry explains that these trends have emerged from Marxist ideology...


As Baudet puts it,

We would no longer be divided into different nations different peoples. A world without parliaments that may decide things for just one country alone, and in doing so may greatly diverge from the parliaments of other countries. 

Indeed it’s a vision of a world in which we will supposedly all be growing towards one humanity governed by common rules that are to be centrally administered on a global level. This would be a world in which a global superstate increasingly controls every tiny aspect of our lives because everything we do supposedly affects the climate....

We are in the midst of a structural remaking of the world as we know it,” stated the FvD leader. Our nations, our cultural, political, and spiritual homes are being dismantled. Slowly but surely, our societies are becoming so diverse that a shared common identity will no longer be feasible. We’re losing our democracies because parliaments get to decide less and less. As well as our freedom because all of our lives are increasingly being regulated by the “Change the Entire Economy Project” that masquerades as saving the planet....

Baudet explains that “it’s crucial to understand that the fundamental idea behind these major trends is Marxist.”...

The New World Order is upon us,” Baudet declared. “Europe has already gone a lot further down this path than America, but it is happening in the United States as well. It’s a phenomenon we can witness across the Western World, and it is the greatest danger of our life.

... It’s the world we’re heading for; it’s a nightmare’s vision of unfreedom. It’s a future we have to prevent from materializing... We have to reclaim control over our nation-states....


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