Video: Dutch vaccine passport phone app: closer to digital dictatorship

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Thierry Baudet: Vaccine passports are a step towards mass surveillance
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Forum for Democracy International
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28 June 2021
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National News
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CAIRCO note: It has been interesting to watch how predominantly Democrat-controlled states, and now the Democrat federal government, have capitalized on fear of the China virus in order to mandate quarrantine of the healthy, wearing of porous masks, and "voluntary" injections of experimental mRNA material.  

As reported on the Vlad Tepes blog (Injections and totalitarian controls), June 27, 2021, 5G technology provides the granularity and bandwidth to implement mass surveillance technology. There is nothing wrong with 5G per se, but rather that a more powerful communications platform facilitates more pervasive technology. 

Tepes included the following video on how the Dutch vaccine passport phone app could be used:

Thierry Baudet: Vaccine passports are a step towards mass surveillance, Forum for Democracy International, June 25, 2021. 

The Dutch vaccine passport phone app brings us one step closer to digital dictatorship. The Chinese social credit system has come to the Netherlands. From vaccines for access to CO2 reduction for access?