Michele Bachmann on the WHO power grab

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‘This is historic…We will all be assigned a QR Code; this is the end of government in the United States’ if Congress doesn’t act
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Leo Hohmann
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11 June 2023
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Our American Future
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You hear about the communists, socialists, fascists, etc. destroying America and its institutions. You hear about right and left, liberal and conservative. But they all have one thing in common: They are all globalists and they are all moving things in the same direction, toward a technocratic global superstate in which all of the individual rights found in the U.S. Constitution become no longer rights but privileges, and those privileges will be contingent upon your obedience to the state and its corporate partners.

I was privileged to be invited by Michele Bachmann to speak at the Globalism Rising conference in March 2022 at Regent University, where she is dean of the school of government. At that conference, the crux of my presentation on the Digitization of Humanity and the Great Reset was that once we see digital IDs replace the cards in your wallet, and central-bank digital currency replace cash, we will have reached the point of no return...

That’s why yesterday’s announcement by the World Health Organization was so important. The WHO announced the launch of a “digital health certification network.” This digital network, international in scope, will be built out over the months and years ahead. It will start with your health information, focusing on whether you are up to date on your shots and whether you have been tested for certain diseases, and it will gradually include more personal data showing whether you are compliant with various other government mandated behaviors....

I thought this was a good time to listen to the warnings of this great American, Michele Bachmann...



WHO Adopts European-Style COVID-19 Vaccine Passports as Part of New Global Digital Health Certificate, Epoch Times, 5 June 2023.