Car Kill Switch Hiding in That 1000 page Bill

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Tom Woods
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Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
26 October 2023
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National News
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You may have heard that as of yesterday, it’s been decided that beginning in 2026 all cars sold in the United States will be equipped with a “kill switch,” whereby the car can be disabled remotely if it is determined that you are driving poorly.

Rep. Thomas Massie sought to defund this provision of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a bill of over 1000 pages. His amendment was defeated.

But I want you to see the difference in how he argues from how the Democrats argue. You’ll see it immediately.

First Massie:

My amendment is simple. It will defund the federal mandate that requires all new vehicles after 2026 be equipped with a kill switch that can disable a vehicle if the vehicle has monitored the user’s the driver’s performance, and that the vehicle determines that the driver is not performing well... And so I am offering this amendment to defund this mandate.

Then Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) delivers her response:

I rise in opposition to this amendment. Let me be clear. This this the act that the gentleman is trying to defund does not require auto manufacturers to install kill switches. It does not do that...

Now here’s Massie again:

... This law that was passed in a thousand-page bill two years ago requires that automobiles can passively monitor the performance of a driver, not the blood alcohol content, but the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired, not drunk, it says impaired, and prevent or limit motor vehicle operation. That’s a kill switch...

Well, we actually don’t know how this technology is going to work. And they don’t know over at the DoD, either, because we’ve sent a letter to them that they haven’t responded to yet, asking them: will this have cameras inside the car? Will it monitor your eyes to see if you’re focused on the road? Will it have cameras on the outside of the car? How will it know what your performance is relative to the road that you’re driving on if it doesn’t in fact know which road you’re driving on?

Will it need to know where you are when you are driving? If so, who has access to this data? Who has access to those cameras? Will the Fourth Amendment be followed? Will you require a warrant for your insurance company to access this data? Will you require a warrant for the government to access this data once your car has been disabled and now you’re on the side of the road with your children in it for reasons you don’t understand...

... all the Democrats and 19 Republicans voted to keep the kill switch.


One of the unstated reasons Democrats and the deep state espouse electric vehicles is because of the embedded technology. If the government decides you should not drive more than 10 miles from your home (purportedly to save energy), the vehicle could be disabled beyond that radius. If the government decides to restrict travel (under the guise of China virus lockdowns, for example), charging stations could be disabled.

The car kill switch legislation is designed to implement similar technology in gas-powered vehicles. 

The great reset will literally reset your vehicle.

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