New Visa Card Features Personal Carbon Emissions Tracker

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Several new programs to monitor your spending habits
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Kevin Stocklin
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Epoch Times
Article date: 
28 November 2022
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National News
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The monitoring of personal behavior by banks will take another step forward as Canadian credit union Vancity launches a new credit card technology to report users’ carbon emissions....

This will be the first carbon counter program for Visa holders. Mastercard already provides a CO2 emissions-tracking card, developed with technology from Swedish company Doconomy....

Other tech companies are joining in this quest. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group, a Chinese tech company, announced at the World Economic Forum in 2021 that his company was developing an “individual carbon footprint tracker” that will monitor people’s behavior in terms of “where they are traveling, how they are traveling, what they are eating, what they are consuming.”...

... credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, and American Express announced in September that they would begin tracking purchases made at gun stores....

At the same time, the Biden administration is moving forward with an initiative to create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which could ultimately replace the U.S. dollar....

China’s CBDC gives its central bank access to, and control over, every digital yuan transaction.