We Don’t Need A COVID Amnesty - We Need A COVID Nuremberg

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Lance Welton
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4 November 2022
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National News
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When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020, the Ruling Class quickly shut down dissent and laid down quasi-religious dogmas and policies we now know weren’t just misguided but harmful: the virus emerged from a Chinese wet market and did not leak from a lab; we are all in this together and the virus affects all races similarly; everyone on the planet must wear a mask in public indefinitely; and, of course, everyone on the planet must be vaccinated. The punishments for heresy ranged from name-calling to being deplatformed on Twitter and YouTube. Police brutalized those who protested masks and lockdowns....

But now the Ruling Class wants a COVID “Amnesty” for what they did to us. But we don’t need an Amnesty—we need COVID Nuremberg trials.

The Ruling Class, which stated with such fanatical satisfaction that it was right, was wrong, as is usually the case with ideologues who refuse to listen to contrary opinions. Many of us really felt what it must be like to live in a paranoid dictatorship: massive restrictions on what one could do, the compulsion to wear uncomfortable masks, and self-appointed “Karens” who demanded “social distancing,” even outdoors. Recall that cops tased a mom at an Ohio high school football game for not wearing a mask....

...  the virus affects races differently, partly for genetic reasons. Months later, a government report vindicated that claim. In other words, we were right all along, and the race deniers were wrong. COVID affects the races differently....

Now, at last, the U.K. government admits that COVID adversely affects minorities more than it adversely affects whites...

In early 2020, using the virus as an excuse, our de facto Deep State government, the authoritarian left, the Regime Media, and their enforcers in Big Tech, declared war on us. They erected a tyranny and upended the freedom to pursue the truth. ...


COVID Amnesty? Hell, No! If any vestiges of our free republic are to remain, every last freak who perpetrated these crimes against society should be held accountable. Instead of amnesty, we need trials.by Ned Ryun, American Greatness, 4 November 2022:

... Either we are free-born Americans with God-given natural rights, or we’re not. And if we’re not, we might as well capitulate now and sing “Kumbaya” with the Faucites right before they load us on the trains and ship us off to re-education camps. If any vestiges of our free republic are to remain, every last freak who perpetrated these crimes against society should be held accountable. Instead of amnesty, we need trials that are nationally televised. We need to see humiliation, jail time, and loss of pensions. Big Pharma heads, Fauci, and a host of others need to be on the dock so that next time anyone gets the genius idea to usurp the people’s liberties, we point at the scalps nailed to the doorframe and say, “Hell no.”

Pandemic Amnesty? Not So Fast, by Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine, 4 November 2022:

Herein lies the fundamental problem: these people don’t understand that it is not about facts. It is about morality. 

It is simply wrong for people to publicly advocate for segregation and unemployment of a group of people because they don’t want a medicine that is fifteen minutes old. 

It is simply wrong to whip your children up into a frenzy about something you have only heard about on the mainstream news to the point where they are yelling at strangers less than two meters away.

It is simply wrong to uninvite family members from Christmas because they didn’t take the same medicine you did.

It is simply wrong to close churches—you know, those places you go to when death is near—because you think death is near!

It is simply wrong to close the borders for years on end and completely ruin businesses that rely on tourism.

It is simply wrong to demonize every dissenting opinion in the pursuit of scientific and medical answers. Something about the scientific method requiring dissenting opinions and contrary evidence to buttress claims comes to mind… 

If you want anything approaching amnesty, then maybe start with an apology.

Here is a template: “I am sorry for doing my best Bolshevik audition, and I promise never to label you a right-wing extremist virus-denying covidiot grandma killing anti-vaxxer again. Also, for all those articles I published that have now completely been proven false, and all those policies I supported that ensured your life was ruined and you lost your business, well, I am sorry for that too. Oh, and while we are at it, I probably shouldn’t have championed a movement to have you treated like a second-class citizen because you justifiably decided to opt out of a medication that hasn’t even finished the normal trial phase. My bad.”