WHO new Pandemic Treaty is terrifying and almost here

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We’re in the Middle of a Global Coup
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Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
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1 October 2023
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Our American Future
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Last week world leaders moved closer to a Pandemic Treaty that would hand sovereign power to the unelected World Health Organization. This is the treaty we’ve been warning about. It will give the WHO the power to supersede your country’s government and their laws about pandemic rules and allow the WHO to set their own. They will dictate pandemics, lockdowns, vaccines, masking, and more. It will also let them track and monitor you, define “infodemics” where they think that concepts, even true concepts, are dangerous. Last week was the UN General Assembly. World leaders voted to pass a political declaration on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. If you don’t believe us, read them for yourself. Start with edits to the WHO International Health Regulations, made this year to prepare for the Pandemic Treaty. Note how “non-binding" is crossed out. That oughta tell you all you need to know, despite the Associated Press telling you that this is all conspiracy theory. Sadly, it's not conspiracy theory. Just conspiracy.


We’re in the Middle of a Global Coup - Here’s How We Stop It, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Discern Report, 1 October 2023:

  • The World Health Organization’s upcoming pandemic treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments are part of a global “soft coup” to strip nations of their sovereignty and people of their bodily autonomy and freedom
  • The WHO wants to put into law a requirement that nations must censor their citizens, so that only public health messages aligned with the WHO’s recommendations can be shared
  • The IHR amendments specify that the WHO will dictate which drugs countries must use, and which they cannot, in the event of a pandemic — and possibly outside of pandemics as well
  • The IHRs have been in existence since 1969, but in the current draft of the IHR amendments — the WHO’s recommendations — become edicts that must be followed rather than recommendations that nations can ignore at will
  • The treaty demands the fast-tracking of vaccines, along with liability waivers for vaccine manufacturers. The EU, U.S. and CEPI have already proposed a plan to develop vaccines in 100 days
  • The treaty will apply to all nations that sign on, all the time, even when there are no pandemics

Here is RAIR's interview with Dr. Kat Lindley on this  treaty from 4 months ago. Dr. Kat Lindley Exposes World Health Organization's Plot for Global Health Control:


Why a Global Government Is the Ultimate Goal of Billionaires, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, 7 October 2023.