Comments needed! Tell Library of Congress to retain alien terminology

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20 May 2016
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Please tell the Library of Congress not abandon correct terminology!

The Library of Congress intends to replace the legal terms alien and illegal alien with the politically correct terms noncitizens and unauthorized immigration.

Cultural Marxism is running rampant at the Library of Congress. What is stunning about this unabashed and subversive move toward political correctness is not that the Library of Congress is abandoning terminology established by Congress and in use throughout the United States government. Rather, it is doing so in order to acquiesce to the the clamor of a bunch of politically correct college kids.

Here is the Library of Congress list of subject headings that will be changed in order to make them politically correct.

The Library of Congress is accepting comments through July 20, 2016 through an online survey.

Please take one minute to stop this nonsense!

Click here to submit comments.

(Note: the survey doesn't require personal information, except for your name, which you don't have to specify.)

Want to do more? Send a quick note to Congress asking them to put a stop to this PC nonsense.

Opposition To ‘Illegal Aliens’ Is Opposition To Borders, by Jon Feere, Legal Policy Analyst, Center for Immigration Studies, Daily Caller, May 25, 2016.

Those who are driving the effort to control and contort language in the immigration debate are not truly motivated by the notion that the term “illegal alien” is a pejorative. This is a distraction. The real goal of those demanding that media outlets, courts, and now the Library of Congress supplant accurate legal terminology with activist-created terms is to eradicate the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, between legal activity and illegal activity, between “us” and “them” so that the concept of borders and the nation state slowly slip away. Any official heading an organization or governmental agency who thinks they are being sensitive by bowing to demands to alter their use of language is being played by the open-border crowd...

In reality, we’re a nation of citizens. And as citizens, we have a right to decide who gets to immigrate here, how many people get to immigrate here, and also set the conditions they must abide by if they want to stay. Anything less than that destroys the concept of citizenship and sovereignty. Media shouldn’t help the open-border crowd achieve its goal.


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