Contact state senators - support SB 271 - no sanctuary cities!

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8 April 2017
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Please contact Senate Judiciary Committee members and tell them to support SB17-281!

Senator Vicky Marble and Senator Tim Neville have introduced the "Holding Colorado Government Accountable for Creating Sanctuary Jurisdiction Policies" bill into the Colorado State Senate It may be reviewed here, SB17-281. Here is an excerpt:

The bill includes a legislative declaration that states that addressing sanctuary jurisdictions is a matter of statewide concern and that makes findings about how sanctuary policies are contrary to federal law and state interests. The bill states that it is the policy of this state to ensure, to the fullest extent of the law, that the state or a political subdivision (jurisdiction) of the state complies with federal immigration law.

The first hearing is before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday, April 10 at 1:30pm, in Room SCR 352 at the Capitol. It is the 4th bill that afternoon, with the first two not taking much time.

The Judiciary Committee members should be contacted to remind them that the common concern all citizens have, Democrats and Republican alike, is the removal of the criminal aliens from our country. Both the former and current administrations have focused on that element of the illegal alien population to be deported.

Those who aid and abet sanctuary policies to be told in strict legal constructions that they can NOT set up enclaves or harbor said criminals. The worst of the interlopers gravitate to the Sanctuary jurisdictions to avoid capture and removal. The State of Colorado can do something about those who assist these scofflaws.

Your comments may be submitted to the Committee members:


Senator Bob Gardner, Chair

Senator John Cooke, Vice-Chair

Senator Don Coram


Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Daniel Kagan

Or directed to the staff contact:

Conrad Imel


Primary Senate Sponsors:
Senator Vicky Marble
Senator Tim Neville

Please be polite and courteous with your comments.

Please contact committee members and tell them to support SB17-281 !

Here is more information on How to contact Colorado state legislators in your district / city / county.




Here is some background information that we sent in our last alert:

  • Over the course of the past 10 years, between 6,000 and 9,000 criminal aliens have been placed in Colorado county jails each year.
  • In a typical year, 1,800 to 2,200 criminal illegal felons with longer sentences reside in CDOC (Colorado Department of Corrections) facilities - that's nearly 15% of the 2016 CDOC population.
  • Taxpayers paid over $75 million to incarcerate 2,039 criminal illegal aliens in 2016. Most of these aliens released from local jails were released back into the community by local sheriffs instead of being turned over to ICE for possible deportation. (ICE does do a good job of picking up most of the CDOC releases.)
  • Poll after poll reveals that Americans are opposed to sanctuary cities.


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