Help kill CO bill expanding alien driver license facilities

Alert date: 
28 April 2016
Alert body: 
The Colorado House recently passed HB 1274 to increase the number of motor vehicle facilities where illegal aliens can obtain a driver's license. Currently there are three facilities. The bill will expand the number to nine.
There is no point in making it easy for illegal aliens to drive and work in Colorado, other than a) providing cheap labor for Republican based corporate interests, and b) expanding the future Democratic voter base if an amnesty is issued by Congress.
The bill is currently in the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee. When the bill is scheduled for the committee, it will appear on the Senate calendar.
Help kill this bill! Please contact committee members and your Colorado Senator and tell them that you want bill HB 1274 killed.
State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee
Ray Scott (Chair)
Jerry Sonnenberg (Vice-Chair)
Owen Hill
Talking points:
  • Illegal aliens working in Colorado are taking jobs from American citizens.
  • Allowing illegal aliens into Colorado promotes identity fraud and is a national security risk.
  • Making it easier for illegal aliens to live and work in Colorado acts as a magnet for even more to sneak into our country in order to live in Colorado.
  • You do not want your tax dollars used to facilitate illegal aliens living in Colorado. (Here is the bill's fiscal note).
Thank you for your help!