Important! Call Congress today to stop Obama unilateral amnesty!

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30 July 2014
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Please phone your Congressman TODAY Wednesday (and Thursday morning) to stop Obama's open borders and potential executive amnesty.

Phone Wednesday and Thursday before Congress goes on recess! Melt the phone lines! Your country is depending on you.


It isn't often that a U.S. Senator makes a direct request of us. But Sen. Jeff Sessions says the danger of another unilateral mass amnesty from Pres. Obama is very high. This weekend, he has put out an urgent request of us:

"The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced. We have people in our own country living in violence, fear and poverty every single day. They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages and communities first.

"Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?" -- Sen. Jeff Sessions

Even though most Democrats in the House are currently supporting any kind of amnesty they can get, Democrats as well as Republicans need to be called today. It is important for Democrats -- three months before elections -- to hear just how unpopular these amnesties are.

More than anybody else in Congress in recent years, Sen. Sessions has stood up for immigration policies in the interest of American wage-earners and their families. We definitely owe it to him -- and to our national community -- to respond with a phone call to our U.S. Representative today.

The reason we are focusing on the U.S. House of Representatives today is because that is where the main action is taking place right now on the President's request for billions of dollars to deal with the Border Surge in the Southwest U.S.

"No Member -- House or Senate, Democrat or Republican -- should support any bill with respect to the border crisis that does not include language explicitly prohibiting the Administration from taking such action (issuing a unilateral amnesty). Congress must foreclose any possibility of these unlawful executive actions before congressional funding is granted. This is an essential precondition." -- Sen. Jeff Sessions

Sen. Sessions is not being alarmist in his emergency mobilization of American voters. He notes that quite a number of major publications have been reporting inside sources detailing how Pres. Obama is putting together the final details for issuing the next mass amnesty without congressional approval. National Journal, Time magazine and The Hill are some of them.

The danger is just around the corner, Sessions warns.


Talking points:

I object to President Obama by himself giving another mass amnesty to illegal aliens. The news media are reporting that he plans to do it soon, and I am outraged.

Congress should not give the President any of the money he wants for the Border Surge unless the bill prohibits the President from issuing any more work permits to illegal aliens without congressional approval. Will the Representative will promise to insist on that?

I support H.R. 5160, by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, that blocks any more executive amnesties by a President.


Here is CAIRCO information on How to contact your US Representative from Colorado or log in to and see your action alerts for the toll-free phone number.

Please call!

And then see additional action alerts at your NumbersUSA action board.