Senate Democrats set up largest amnesty in history! Call Sens. Hickenlooper & Bennet TODAY!

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9 August 2021
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From NumbersUSA:


It's official... Senate Democrats plan to add the largest amnesty ever considered by Congress to their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation effort. We need your urgent phone calls TODAY!

Sen. John Hickenlooper -- (888) 995-5449
Sen. Michael Bennet -- (888) 995-5451
Dial the toll-free numbers above to connect directly to Sens. Hickenlooper's and Bennet's D.C. offices. When the staffer answers, say that you want the Senator to oppose the $3.5 billion budget reconciliation resolution because it includes an amnesty for illegal aliens.

We won't know the size of the amnesty until the Senate Judiciary Committee sends its report to the Budget Committee, but Democrats have been saying that the amnesty for millions of illegal aliens would include: 
  • illegal aliens who have received the DACA executive amnesty; 
  • illegal aliens who have receive Temporary Protected Status; 
  • illegal farmworkers; and 
  • illegal "essential" workers.

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