2013 Colorado Open Borders Legislation

This year, 2013, the Colorado Democratic legislature and Governor Hickenlooper have made Colorado an "open borders" state. With the passing of three pieces of legislation and rejection of one, Colorado has become a destination for illegal aliens. The legislation passed and signed were: instate tuition for illegal aliens, allowing local government to restrict law enforcement from reporting illegal aliens to immigration authorities, and giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The legislation rejected by democrats in committee was to require employers to use the federal E-Verify database to check legal status when hiring.
In addition to putting illegal aliens ahead of out of state American students and legal immigrants. Illegals (and anyone) can gain this benefit with just a GED and no wait. It also became a goody bag where taxpayer supported health care benefits will be extended to illegals over 18, removes the need for educators to prove lawful presence when renewing their license, and allows illegals to apply for public supported grants and  financial aid.  All this for a "someday I'll" affidavit that says they will try to get US citizenship. Yea right.
This bill nullified 2006 legislation (SB90) that made sure local government did not restrain law enforcement and public employees from cooperating with Federal immigration enforcement. This was necessary to ensure that criminal illegal aliens were not put back on the street to prey on innocent victims in immigrant communities and the metropolitan areas at large. Some may remember the repeat offender illegal alien who slammed into a Baskin Robins and killed a child. He had been apprehended and released numerous times.
In addition to letting illegal aliens drive legally on and off the job, drivers licenses are breeder documents that get the bearer library, recreation center, and other cards all at taxpayer expense. Representative Lundberg referred to it as the "Colorado amnesty act". While not as common a problem, congressman Harvey pointed out that the majority of terrorists on 9/11 had legal driver's licenses.
A bill was rejected that would have ensured that Colorado's workers will be lawful:
This bill would have required all employers upon hiring a new employee to participate in the federal electronic E-Verify verification program to determine the work eligibility status of newly hired employees. This bill would help ensure that Colorado jobs would go to Colorado citizens and lega immigrants.
Please be proactive and tell your Colorado Senator and Representative how you feel about how they voted on these bills. You can check how they voted and how to contact them at www.leg.state.co.us. Also see CAIRCO's legislative contact resources. Democrats voted for measures to increase illegal immigration and for the most part Republicans voted against them.