Affirmative Action: The Most Racist Program In America

President Lyndon Baines Johnson first codified "Affirmative Action" during his presidency in the 1960's.

What is affirmative action and how does it work?

Affirmative action is a policy in which an individual's color, race, sex, religion or national origin are taken into account to increase opportunities provided to an underrepresented part of society.

What affirmative action isn't: it's not based on achievement, effort or intellectual abilities. It's based on the color of one's skin or gender. It's based on quotas. In America, since Affirmative Action became law, it has discriminated against Caucasians, Asians, Jewish people and others who perform higher on SAT's and other standardized tests.

It furthers racism at the national, state and local levels. Instead of a nation where a person's hard work and excellence carry him or her into college or jobs, Affirmative Action places people of color or gender into colleges and/or jobs above other, more qualified persons.

At this moment, the Supreme Court faces a test as to the validity of Affirmative Action continuing in America. If America is to reward individuals on their hard work, intelligence and merits, Affirmative Action must be abolished. This is America where our U.S. Constitution guarantees a level playing field for all citizens.

Who has benefited from Affirmative Action? While I attended Michigan State University in the 1960's, I played football with Bubba Smith and many other African-American superstars. Unfortunately, few of them were academically prepared for college courses. Bubba Smith and most of the defensive/offensive linemen at MSU never attended classes. In fact, I remember taking Physiology 316. I studied my rear-end off for that course. The first day, over a dozen African-American "student athletes" sat near me. They never attended again until the final test. They all received 4.0's and I earned a 3.0 grade. That was Affirmative Action for them and academic fraud for the professor. That's how Bubba Smith continued his academic eligibility throughout his four years at MSU along with his friends. He sat in the North Wonders Hall grill most nights with his girlfriends or buddies. I suspect that he and his friends were functionally illiterate.

Finally, the academic fraud became so great that the NCAA passed Prop. 148 that supposedly forced student-athletes to academically perform to at least a "C" level. Of course, if you look across all the big colleges, that isn't happening. They should change to a specific "Football Major" where virtually no academic standards are needed.

Through the years, when a company is forced to hire someone to fill out their quotas, the other personnel in the company must "cover" for the person who is unqualified and/or simply cannot perform the work.

Who are some of the people who benefited from Affirmative Action?

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor admitted in an interview that she became a justice because of Affirmative Action. The latest justice to gain her job because of her gender and color: Justice Jackson. Biden picked Kamala Harris for vice president because of her gender and color. Obviously not because of her qualifications.

In a recent interview, Indian-American writer Vivek Ramaswamy said, "Affirmative action doesn't work. It's an assault on American democracy. What if they forced affirmative action onto the NBA where there are 95 percent blacks, or the NFL where there are 90 percent blacks? It would ruin the sport, and nobody would watch."

In the same interview, whites are penalized 310 points off their SAT scores and Asians penalized 400 points off their SAT scores when applying for college so people of color can gain those college slots. (Source: Carlson Show, FOXNEWS, November 1, 2022)

At Harvard Medical School, blacks are seven times more accepted over whites, which results in doctors with questionable abilities.

It begs the question; who would like an unqualified Affirmative Action medical doctor to perform heart surgery on them or an unqualified person to fly an F-16 jet in combat or perform technical tasks on a spaceship?

You can get away with Affirmative Action as to "student-athletes" because they advance into the NFL or NBA. But the ones that don't make the big leagues are left with vacant college experiences, no degrees and no skills for a quality job.

As it stands, Affirmative Action, LGBTQ+, CRT and Transgenderism are wrecking the U.S. military. Students at the military academies are being brainwashed beyond comprehension. While some of the male soldiers want to wear a dress and lipstick, it's freaking out the straight cadets. That's why recruitments have dropped dramatically for our all-volunteer military.

But, in 2022 America, you're a racist if you question Affirmative Action. In reality, it needs to be questioned because Affirmative Action is racist to its core.

With all the welfare, EBT cards, ADC, WIC, Section 8 housing, unemployment benefits and government give-aways going on, I remember one welfare queen with four children on a video said, "With all my benefits, I don't know why anyone would want to work in America."

She demonstrated such illiteracy, that she didn't understand that you and I pay for her benefits with our 40 to 50 hour per week jobs.

First and foremost, America has worked because all of our citizens have rolled up our sleeves like "Rosie the Riveter" in World War II, and we got the job done. We made this country successful because we carried the "work ethic" with us from former generations. Whether you are a teacher, truck driver, soldier, nurse, tire-changer, cashier, waitperson, doctor, prison guard, police officer, maid, snowplow operator or trash truck driver, we all make America successful by our dedication and hard work at our jobs.

With these kids today spending 10 hours a day on their smart phones via social media, and/or continuing Affirmative Action, we need to be questioning what kind of a society we're creating from here on out? Will we be able to defend ourselves? Will we be able to maintain law and order? Will we be able to feed ourselves? Will we be able to keep our country viable?


Defenders Of Race-Based College Admissions Can’t Explain Its Educational Benefits, by Helen Raleigh, The Federalist, 3 November 2022:

The only right thing the Supreme Court should do now, in the words of The Wall Street Journal editorial board, is to uphold ‘America’s principle of equality under the law, by telling [supporters of affirmative action] their time is up.’

The Lunacy of U.S. Racial Categories, by Rich Lowrey, National Review, 6 November 2022:

It’s not just that colleges and universities discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, and national origin. They do it badly.

This is one of the themes that emerged in the oral arguments at the Supreme Court in the Harvard and University of North Carolina affirmative-action cases last week.

The racial categories that the schools use are completely bonkers, an arbitrary mess mostly left over from the work of federal bureaucrats in the 1970s that can’t withstand the slightest scrutiny....

There is a good case for rationalizing and updating all of this, but an even more compelling case for scrapping it altogether.

Ending Racial Blackmail, by Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, 10 November 2022.