Bad and good - the big lies of diversity

Tom Shuford of Lenoir, North Carolina wrote in an insifhtful October 14, 2017 News-Topic letter to the editor:

“Bad, bad, bad” (my letter to the editor, Sept. 3) argues that a key weapon in ongoing political battles is the “Three Bads”: Your ancestors were Bad People (racists, oppressors). You’re a Bad Person. Your leaders are Bad People. Media, entertainment, universities, schools supply steady doses of the Three Bads.

But there’s a still more potent weapon, the “Three Goods”: Mass immigration is Good. Multi-culturalism is Good. Diversity is Good.

One can read newspapers for years without seeing a skeptical report or commentary on mass immigration, multi-culturalism or diversity. That’s no accident. Three Bads and Three Goods propaganda enable a demographic revolution that Americans never voted for. Immigration is transforming America.

What's happening? Before 1965, U.S. immigration laws favored Europe as the source of legal immigration. The U.S. discriminated in favor of people most likely to assimilate to American cultural norms. Then came the Civil Rights era. Discrimination seemed racist. So Congress opened immigration to the world.

In a bounteous gesture, Congress added generous "family reunification" provisions for bringing in extended family. Over time this produced “chain migration” of relatives. Nonetheless, champions of the 1965 law, such as Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, assured the public at the time that “the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.”

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, in fact, shifted source countries for future immigration from Europe to Latin America, Asia and, increasingly, the Middle East. Some results? Fracturing cultural cohesion, rising identity tribalism, increasing polarization.

Consider stats for the 2016 election. Donald Trump was the first presidential candidate to challenge the Three Bads/Three Goods status quo. He soared among white voters. In North Carolina, for example, Trump got 63 percent of the white vote. Hillary Clinton got 32 percent. Clinton, on the other hand, captured 79 percent of the non-white vote (89 percent of black voters, 59 percent of Latinos, 55 percent of others). Trump got only 18 percent of the N.C. non-white vote (8 percent black, 40 percent Latino, 40 percent other).

Trump’s victory aside, the 1965 Immigration Act, if not altered, will give Democrats/leftists a permanent political majority. That’s why you never read or see anything negative about the media's sacred causes of mass immigration, multi-culturalism, or diversity. Victory is too near. The stakes are too high. The end-game is too close.

Expect a doubling down on Three Bads/Three Goods narratives.