Bad Pennies

On occasion I report crimes, other than illegal entry, that are committed by those who are clearly identified as illegal aliens in America. Some of these crimes are truly heinous. These criminal illegal aliens could be considered the "bad pennies" in our society.

It is important that at least some of these crimes be factually documented. While we hear almost daily about the "best and brightest" and "poor, deserving" illegal aliens who live among us, we are not well-informed as to the pervasive extent of illegal alien crime.

When the mainstream media find an illegal alien to parade as a shining example as part of the immigration reform - that is, amnesty - agenda, they are called "undocumented immigrants." Yet most illegal aliens who commit crimes are not identified in any manner by the mainstream media as to their immigration status.

It is said that if you keep every penny you find on the street, you will have around $5 by the end of the year. Each penny does add up. Both good and bad.

The few illegal alien crimes we do hear about are crimes that should not be allowed to happen. Those "bad pennies" impact innocent law-abiding peoples' peace, security, health, and well being.

We surely have plenty of native born criminals - there is no disputing this. But the occasional crime reported to be committed by an identified illegal alien is a crime that should not have ever happened on American soil. And there are many more crimes committed by illegal aliens who are not identified as such by the mainstream media.

Each crime committed by an illegal alien in America adds up. Each innocent victim is one person who never should have been a victim at all had our immigration laws been enforced.

In the end, law-abiding Americans pay the price, either directly or indirectly.  

Even one bad penny is a penny too many.

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