Can the state recall election help immigration reduction?

On September 10, 2013 two Colorado State Senators will face a recall. The Basic Freedom Defense Fund and Pueblo Freedom Rights, concerned about anti-second amendment legislation these two senators had helped pass, gathered the necessary signatures to place the recall on the ballot. This is a time when those involved in the immigration reduction movement should ask themselves if it fits our objectives to support this recall.

The voting records in 2013 of both Senator Angela Giron and John Morse show that they favor illegal immigration:

Angela Giron sponsored and both Senators voted for instate tuition for illegal aliens.

Both sponsored and voted for the Colorado law enforcement (dis)trust act that repeals 2006 legislation (SB90) that made sure local government did not restrain law enforcement and public employees from cooperating with Federal immigration enforcement.

Angela Giron sponsored and both Senators voted for drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

It would seem that our course of action would be to recall these pro-illegal alien State Senators. Three things you might do to aid this recall are:

  1. If you live in Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs make your friends and neighbors aware of John Morse's voting record. If you live in Pueblo or Pueblo West you can do the same with Giron's voting record. Also, check with the two organizations listed below to see if you can help their efforts.

  2. If you live elsewhere in Colorado or the United States and have friends or family in these areas, please make them aware of the immigration voting records of these Senators and be sure they vote.

  3. Please donate or volunteer your time or resources to:

    Basic Freedom Defense Fund

    Pueblo Freedom Rights (also see website)

This is an opportunity to change the political leanings of the Colorado State Senate. There are still questions to be answered, such as where recall opponents stand on immigration, but they could not be any worse than Morse or Giron. Please do what you can to make a change in the Colorado Senate.