Canada's trajectory toward leftist totalitarianism

The following article presents some details on Canada's trajectory toward a leftist totalitarian state. For those in the U.S. who don't pay much attention to goings-on north of our border, this article should open a few eyes. 

I'm not sure whether all is lost in Canada. Some say it is.

Note the concluding paragraph that "Canada stands as a vivid illustration of what would be in store for the U.S. under a Democrat administration."

The article doesn't mention Canada's self-destructive policy of mass immigration and mandated multiculturalism, which are significant components of the disunification of Canadian society.

Canada: A Totalitarian State-in-Progress, by David Solway, American Thinker, February 17, 2020:

To describe Canada as a totalitarian state-in-progress sounds like a gross and indeed absurd exaggeration. Yet many premonitory signs are present. In the words of political philosopher William Gairdner, author of The Book of Absolutes, The Great Divide and The Trouble with Canada, Canada “has just crossed the red line between soft-socialism and soft-totalitarianism.”

Gairdner has assembled a virtual mountain of evidence for his claim: Bill C-25 seeking to impose “diversity” on all corporations; financial penalties against organizations that do not comply with government programs; a teeming brigade of government surveillance “Inspectors,” that is, spies -- wage spies, speech spies, feminist spies, pay-equity spies, Human Rights spies; paralegal bodies known as Human Rights Tribunals with the power to levy crippling fines, bankrupt families and shut down businesses, to impose prison time for contempt of court, and to compel conformity via “re-education.”

The list goes on. Bill C-16 prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression, which sounds unexceptionable except for the obvious fact that “discrimination” is in the eye of the offended beholder and the government enforcer. The bill effectively mandates that citizens must address others by their preferred pronouns and transgender fantasies - or else!...

A mere glance at the European Union’s unelected, bureaucratic authoritarianism, or a recognition of what the Democrat Party is demonstrably planning for the United States, should awaken us to the danger. To be awakened, we might remark, is the opposite of being woke. Canada stands as a vivid illustration of what would be in store for the U.S. under a Democrat administration.

As a follow-up, the following article points out how Trump stands alone in opposing leftist Democrat craziness and deep state corruption. It points out how Trump is no longer the DC neophyte that he was at the start of his first term.

The article predicts significant results during Trump's second term. That's a good thing, because America's political trajectory should by no means parallel the self-destructivism of Canada.

Waiting for the dominos to fall – in Trump’s second term, by Dawn Merrill, American Thinker, February 17, 2020.

As Canada and Europe fall to the mantra of multiculturalism and the democratic socialist agenda, it is evident that one country alone will stand  for the principles of national sovereignty and, individual freedom. The following book emphasizes the point. It's a bit dated, as things have gotten much worse, but it still worth reading.

America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it, by Mark Steyn, 2006.