Coming to grips with mass immigration - What to do?

Part 2: Coming to grips with a solution of shutting down America’s immigration program.


As you read in Part 1 of this commentary, one of the business editors at the Star Tribune, Lee Schafer, wrote a glowing commentary on the wonderful positives that immigrants bring into the Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota region. Most editors write politically correct, soothing commentaries about the benefits of immigration across this country. None of them deal with the realities: massive welfare, linguistic chaos, cultural clashes, food stamps, crime, rapes, honor killings, female genital mutilation, job losses for our own citizens, cultural ghettos, school disruption and religious conflicts.

Minnesota citizen Dell Erickson wrote a brilliant rebuttal that the Star Tribune will never publish. I interviewed Erickson for his take on how to solve the immigration crisis facing America.

“Again, the article ignores Obama's actions,” said Erickson. “This administration has given sanctuary cities rights to ignore ICE requests by terminating the Secure Communities program. Obama replaced it with the Priority Enforcement Program. Hopefully a President Trump or any citizen-promoting president will correct this travesty.

“Because Schafer overlooks American Citizens and promotes population growth and by any means, he ignores E-Verify. E-Verify means only individuals who are legally in the U.S. can work in the U.S. Most people think that completely reasonable! Using applicant provided information, the current Form I-9, businesses can quickly determine worker eligibility to work in the U.S.

“Mass immigration hurts American workers and everyone understands this. What Schafer didn't say is alarming. High tech, high skilled American workers compete directly against millions of foreign workers and local companies and replace homegrown workers using the H-1b family of visas. Clearly understood, the most vulnerable people in our society, including lawful immigrants, are most harmed by policies promoted by Schafer.

“Schafer should have acknowledged that the recent employment report stated the narrow (U-3) unemployment rate decreased from 5.2% to 5.1%. But, sadly, 261,000 workers left the labor force accounting for most of the drop. In the second quarter of 2015, 17 million Americans wanted full-time jobs, but couldn't find one. He should have stated that Black and Hispanic native-born workers have unemployment rates 75% and 50% worse (U-6).

“The Economic Policy Institute reporting Census Bureau concluded that between 2000 and 2014 the U.S. admitted about 14 million new (lawful) immigrants, while the population of U.S.-born workers increased by 16.4 million. "Nevertheless, "all net employment gains went to immigrant workers" rather than to American-born workers."'

“Business biased, Schafer wants to continue to flood the U.S. labor market to keep wages and benefits low. In effect, using mass in-migration to unwisely allocate resources, and to subsidize and guarantee survival of unnecessary, mediocre and less productive companies and industries.

“Our language, culture and our institutions are being transformed from a Western to Iberian and third world based people; we are becoming a very different country and we citizens have been excluded from the decision-making immigration process.

“The sources of the "migrants" Schafer defends are generally third world cultural messes. He does not mention these are regions of pervasive poverty, high birthrates, environmental destruction, and failed governments. He advocates importing more of the same. It can only be changed by American Citizens or until the U.S. mirrors the third world country and there is no reason to leave their homelands.

“So called "refugees" are also promoted by the Article. Since 1980 and President Jimmy Carter, more than three million so-called refugees from third world countries have come to more than 190 American cities, 500,000 since Obama became President. Few understand it’s optional and most states, 38, don't allow it and for good reason. There is no accountability or transparency or approvals necessary by the American Citizen. Minnesota needs to stop it.

“The U.S. State Department allows the United Nations to select most U.S. so-called "refugees”. Previously, a refugee was an individual in immediate threat of harm by the government. The person would be rescued and returned soon, days, weeks or a few months. A very temporary status. Today, entire villages can come only because they don't like their government and the government likely them; or practically no reason.

“The politics are powerful and clear. The Catholic Church, the Lutheran and Episcopal churches, Jewish Relief, and Amnesty International, with some evangelical churches get federal grants and are paid by the federal government to resettle refugees in the U.S.

“Many recent are Muslim and they are attempting to change our schools, workplaces and institutions to either mirror or accept Sharia Law, as Minneapolis does. The Somali "refugees” Schafer mentions have been sent for many years by Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities to work in meatpacking plants owned by Hormel. One for one, they displaced American workers.

“Oligarchy and immigration? Business and unions promote open borders because it compels allegiance to corporations and unions. Mass legal and illegal immigrants are pliant, accepting, and cheap labor relative to their American counterparts. Forgive me but Lee Schafer in the business section appears self-serving and gratuitous. I might as well add Jon Tevlin, Charlie Weaver, and Lori Sturdevant.”

What's the solution?

Erickson gave them:

The answer is simple. Start with a 10-year immigration moratorium.

Allow no in-migration and no "refugees". To make it work, the U.S. needs to change ‘birthright citizenship' so only actual citizens can have citizen children, secure borders including visa over-stayers, mandatory E-Verify for all firms and enforce illegal hiring penalties. Finally, enforce immigration laws (return to 1970s laws).

U.S. population projections: 100,000,000 (million) more legal immigrants by 2045. Schafer must ask himself, “What am I thinking?” Answer: his thinking process resembles the Scarecrow “straw man” in the Wizard of Oz, i.e., lacks a brain. I would add: lacks common sense.