Conservatism, Inc's jihad against American conservatives

The conservative establishment - also known as Conservative, Inc. - really doesn't like free-thinking populist candidates, no matter how conservative they really are. Take the National Review as a case in point.

It's pretty clear that National Review is the mouthpiece for Conservative, Inc. Brietbart wrote in the January 22, 2016 article Selective Outrage: National Review Trashes Trump, Rallies Behind Ryan:

A little over three months ago, National Review endorsed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for Speaker of the House. In doing so, National Review helped place a man with a two-decade history of pushing open borders immigration policies in charge of the Republican Party’s entire legislative agenda.

Ten weeks after that endorsement helped Paul Ryan secure the Speakership, Ryan proceeded to swiftly pass an omnibus spending bill that funded and expanded President Obama’s immigration agenda.

Ryan’s bill provided funding for sanctuary cities, illegal alien resettlement, illegal alien tax credits, and visa issuances to nearly 300,000 (temporary and permanent) Muslim migrants over the next 12 months alone. The bill also funded an expansion of the highly controversial H-2B foreign worker program, which Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said violated Ryan’s “promise not to bring major immigration legislation to the floor this year.”

The H-2B foreign worker program imports low-wage laborers into the country to take American jobs in maintenance, theme parks, construction, food processing, restaurants, and hospitality– meaning that Ryan’s Speakership and immigration policies have already resulted in the GOP’s own constituency, along with workers nationwide, losing their livelihoods and ability to support their families.

This outcome was perhaps not surprising, as NumbersUSA president Roy Beck warned prior to Ryan’s election as House Speaker, “Open borders is in his [Ryan’s] ideological DNA… open borders seeps out of every pore of his being.” Ryan was even involved in the effort to derail the bipartisan push to curb immigration in the 1990s, which would have reduced future immigration growth by 10 million migrants, according to Beck...

It is interesting that National Review, rather than going after Ryan— who directly violated a pledge that he made to the Republican electorate and the publication’s readership— has instead decided to go after Trump.

It is similarly noteworthy that while National Review is pulling out all the stops to keep Trump from assuming control of the White House, the publication has been effusive in its praise of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who like Paul Ryan, has pushed for massive expansions to immigration that would disenfranchise the GOP electorate and, according to polling data, would put conservative policy victories perhaps permanently out of reach...

You see, National Review just came out with a full-court press hit piece against populist candidate Donald Trump. The lame and heavy-handed attack has fallen way short of their intended mark. Indeed, it reinforced the perception among conservative American voters that Trump is thankfully not a DC beltway insider.

John Nolte humorously observes in his article January 22, 2016 Breitbart article Why We Lose: National Review Launches Victorian-Era Attack On Donald Trump:

The entire execution behind the delivery of this dud immediately brought this to my mind:


Long hallway. Oak paneled walls. Ends at two closed, imposing doors.

The only sound is horse-drawn carriages passing by outside and the echo of IMPORTANT MEN discussing IMPORTANT MATTERS from behind those doors.

From somewhere a bell tinkles. Immediately a BOY in a heavily-starched uniform appears. The doors swing open. A toxic cloud of cigar smoke swallows the boy. As the smoke dissipates, we see that the room inside is filled with WELL-DRESSED IMPORTANT MEN pleased with themselves. They sit in leather chairs and drink brandy.

The BOY is handed a piece of paper – A PROCLAMATION.

Like it is as sacred as the Magna Carta, the BOY runs to make his delivery as the WELL-DRESSED IMPORTANT MEN confidently celebrate how their proclamation will change the world.

The world doesn't work that way any more - there is this thing called the Internet that quite effectively short-circuits self-serving declaratory mouthpieces. Even the mainstream media now has difficulty trying to get away with coloring and filtering the news. 

You may or may not like Trump, but contrary to what Conservative, Inc. tells you to believe, he does represent many solid American values. Ann Coulter pointed this out in her January 20, 2016 article Yes, Conservatism, Inc., Trump Is Not A "Real Republican" - He’s A Real AMERICAN:

We have never had total war against a candidate like we’re seeing with Donald Trump. All elements of national media are uniting to stop him.

Look for a fake Trump scandal to break—probably from a conservative news outlet—right before the Iowa caucus...

Conservative pundits keep assuring clueless viewers that Trump is not a "real Republican." They seem not to grasp that most viewers are saying, That’s fantastic! Thanks for reminding me. (I look forward to conservative talk show hosts 20 years hence billing themselves as "Trump Republicans.")

Looking at what the party has become, I certainly hope he’s not a "real Republican." I know he’s a real American. Those used to be the same thing.

The fundamental point of all this is a rouge political candidate, in an unbridled manner, has pointed out that the emperors have little clothing, and what attire they do possess are ragged remnants of a century gone by.



Conservative INC., by Sean Scallon, American Conservative, July 23, 2009:

...what we’re dealing with here is an establishment that has split itself in two.  In the majority is what I like to call Conservative INC.  It has become a money-grubbing scam as the Boston Phoenix article shows and one that is totalitarian in the way it operates and disseminates ideas...

It is this situation that has created a minority of dissenters within said establishment including... [those] who are appalled at what Conservative INC. has done or is doing or how it operates. Conservative INC. responds in kind by attacking such dissent as viciously as Big Brother once attacked Goldstein [in Orwell's novel 1984].

Given the current state of things, the base is quite naturally feeling mad, upset, besieged, disillusioned, bewildered and betrayed. This is why the Tea Parties take place...

Good-bye to All That - A former National Review trustee surveys the wreckage of contemporary conservatism, by Austin W. Bramwell, American Conservative, November 20, 2006:

...By ideology, I mean precisely what Orwell depicted in 1984. I do not mean, of course, that conservatism is totalitarian. Taken as prophecy, 1984 has little merit. Taken as a description of the world we actually live in, however, it is indispensable. 1984 reveals not the horrors of the future but the quotidian realities of ideology in mass democracy. Conservatism exemplifies them all.

First... conservatism has a hierarchical structure. Like Orwell’s "Inner Party," those at the top of the movement have almost perfect freedom to decide what opinions count as official conservatism...

Second, conservatism is concerned less with truth than with distinguishing insiders from outsiders. Conservatives identify themselves in part by repeating slogans... that, like "ignorance is strength," are less important for what (if anything) they say than for what saying them says about the speaker. At the same time, to rise in the movement, one must develop a habitual obliviousness to truth, or what Orwell labeled "doublethinking."


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National Review - a Titanic Failure, by Dr. Brad Lyles, Canada Free Press, January 23, 2016:

...Trump has accomplished what no politician, ever, has accomplished. He owns the media. He defeats the media and gets his message out no matter the forum and in every forum. In fact, some would argue the media and its sibling Political Correctness Movement are the true “existential” threats facing this country. Both facilitate nearly all dangerous things we contend with. Trump’s conquest of these malign forces, as President, may be the most pivotal accomplishment of any President in history. Imagine four more years of this tour de force! Fabulous!

Trump can bring us successes on the political battlefield—and for Conservatives—unmatched even by Ronald Reagan. And it will be fun! National Review and its peerless contributors should be ashamed of their lackluster vision. Instead of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, perhaps they should help Trump steer the ship directly into the iceberg, bisecting it, and saving the day...

Donald Trump, Sam Francis and the Emergence of the Alternative (“Dissident”) Right, James Kirkpatrick, The Unz Review, January 23, 2016.

National Review Online vs. Donald John Trump, by Eddie Pedersen, Canada Free Press, January 23, 2016.

The Trump Phenomenon: Exposing Common Fictions?, Jack Kerwick, Townhall, Jan 21, 2016:

...For decades, the so-called “conservative movement” has been largely a neoconservative movement. Neoconservatives have been remarkably successful in convincing millions and millions of Americans both that they are conservative and that the Republican Party and conservatism are one.

The truth, though, is that neoconservatism is no form of conservatism at all...

Sarah Palin and others misspeak when they simply say that “the Establishment” is not conservative. The referent here—neoconservatives—are anti-conservative...

If any of the foregoing fictions will crumble to pieces during this most atypical of election seasons, hopefully it will be the fiction that the self-declared guardians of the “conservative movement” are conservative.

Conservative Intellectual Blasts National Review’s Trump Attack: It ‘No Longer Represents Real Conservatism’, Scott Greer, Daily Caller, January 23, 2016:

Malloch — whose latest book, “Davos, Aspen and Yale: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa,” covers his interactions with the events and figures who shaped conservatism — believes these “old, tired voices” don’t like Trump because the businessman is “a doer — not an idle thinker or theorist. He represents a kind of national conservatism that has a popular rather than an elitist stance.”...

“By mounting this foolish and vitriolic effort, they have probably handed Trump the fastest route to the presidency and will increase his poll standings by more than 10 percent,” he predicts. “The NR effect is negligible in all truth.”

Moreover, the political economist sees no menace to conservatism in Trump and even believes the man is making the movement stronger.

Malloch, who is a descendant of President Teddy Roosevelt, also sees many similarities between his ancestor and The Donald.

“Donald Trump is perhaps best viewed as the 21st century Theodore Roosevelt. The two leaders have much in common — from style and swagger to substance and outlook,” he wrote in a Forbes column in December...

When Johnny Friendly and His Goons Took Over National Review, Robert Davi, Brietbart, January 25, 2016.

2016 Election About Insurgency, Not Ideology, Mike Flynn, Breitbart, January 25, 2016:

“The election is not about ideology, not about issues, it’s about insurgency,” noted Democrat pollster Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Network editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow...

A veteran of Presidential campaigns stretching over four decades, Caddell has had a front-row seat at many political defining moments in recent history.

For Caddell, the 2016 election is about voters revolting against Washington and the political classes that have dominated government and policy in recent years. “The system is on the verge of coming apart,” Caddell noted. “The politicians in Washington aren’t going to be able to put the genie back in the bottle.”...

He thinks Sanders’ great advantage right now is his “authenticity.” Sanders is also helped by the fact that young voters “don’t know what socialism is,” Caddell said. “And they won’t,” he added, “until he’s the nominee.”

Sanders is resonating because he’s talking about the political, and financial, system being rigged. Trump resonates because he says this same system is broken or incompetent. “Trump and Sanders are drinking from different ends of the same trough,” Caddell said.

Listen to the interview on Sirius.

National Review is in clear violation of IRS statutes regulating nonprofit organizations, Justin Raimondo, Chronicles, January 22, 2016.

National Review’s Conservatism of Values, Ideas, and Principles, Kevin MacDonald, January 25, 2016:

...As I noted in a recent art​icle on the response to Trump, “Conservatism Inc. may argue that Trump is not a ‘conservative.’ But the reality is that Trump voters are focusing on his big issues—immigration first and foremost. Unless we win the immigration battle, none of the other battles can possibly be won.”...

Immigration, more than any other issue, reflects fundamental interests in the ethnic composition of the United States. As an obvious example, limited government is not going to repatriate millions of illegal immigrants, or keep them out in the future...

As Jared Taylor points out, “Do they really believe that Mexicans and Haitians and Guatemalans and Vietnamese and Bangladeshis and Chinese are ever going to be made to care about the Second Amendment or Madisonian democracy or limited government?”...

If we are in fact seeing the beginning of a politics of more-or-less explicit White identity, the irrelevant cuckservatives at at the dying NR must receive a great deal of the credit. And for that we can be thankful.

"Conservatives" Blast Trump, Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 25, 2016.

You know you’ve won the argument when your opponents are reduced to name-calling.