Coolness Under Fire in the Amnesty War

I frequently read the blog at Some have criticized the site as just another fundraising organization who preach to the choir. Yet I have found the information presented on the site to be generally informative, relevant, factual, and of interest. A case in point is yesterday's commentary by Peter Brimelow:

Coolness Under Fire: Six Points To Remember About The 2013 “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” a.k.a. Amnesty War

In the article, Brimelow points out six pertinent points to keep in mind when fighting the looming 2013 comprehensive immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens. These points offer an interesting perspective on Obama's amnesty push,  which the mainstream media uniformly fawn over:

1. We've seen attempts at amnesty before - many times. When George W. Bush took office, he, too, initiated a push for amnesty. Analysts pointed out that from a GOP point of view, amnesty was delusional. Even if the program attracted the new citizens to the GOP (for example, if perhaps 40 percent of them would become Republicans) that still would have meant that  Bush would have created three new Democrats for every two new members of his party.

Why did the GOP let him get away with such a misguided effort?

2. Guess what? An amnesty would have been proposed even had Romney been elected. During the October 16, 2012 Hofstra University debate he explicitly said:

I’ll get it done. I’ll get it done. First year...

He was of course referring of course to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” amnesty. Brimelow notes:

I can say with confidence: whatever the problem, the immigration enthusiasts’ answer is always: more immigration!

The only difference: a Romney White House would have been able to count on even more support from brain-dead loyalist Republicans.

3. This amnesty push may indeed fail. No matter what the mainstream media want you to believe.

4. The entire amnesty push may be a charade. Brimelow writes:

There is a Secret History to American politics. Thus the 2012 Romney campaign was not really about electing a president, but, in the words of RedState’s Ben Howe, “a consultant con job” focused on maximizing campaign contributions even at the cost of votes... it’s quite possible that this whole Amnesty agitation is just another raid by the bipartisan political class upon the naïve American capitalist class

Could it be that the Republicans sacrificed - or were manipulated into sacrificing - a Presidential run just to fundraise? 

5. Conservatism Inc.’s Nervous Breakdown. Here Brimelow refers to Conservative Inc. as "the congerie of consultants, lobbyists, foundation executives, pundits, publicists and politicians who have been profiting for years from the momentum of the Reagan victories and the implicit efforts of the historic American nation to defend itself."

That pretty well sums up the essential difference between the GOP as we currently see it, as opposed to a truly conservative - and conservationist - party that actually represents the interests of its constituents. To clarify: the consituents of Conservative, Inc. are those who profit from the political process of conservatism.

Brimelow notes that we may in fact be witnessing the GOP's  "going out of business sale", as suggested by a National Review Online commentator:

In effect, these "amnesty" and H1-B work visa Republicans are holding a virtual "going out of business sale" using the remaining voting clout of the party to pass such legislation. And the politicians who vote for such legislation will be taken care of, while the Republican Party will eventually fare nationwide as it does now in California.

6. An amnesty would not be the end of the illegal immigration debate - it would be the beginning. Brimelow observes that immigration enthusiasm contains what Marxists used to call a "fundamental contradiction". By illegal increasing immigration numbers, we are increasing associated problems that include "crime; disease; destroyed schools; destroyed neighborhoods; congestion; racial friction; linguistic displacement; wage depression; welfare costs; political displacement; and, last but of course not least, the abolition of America." Brimelow writes:

But that people would still exist—in an enraged mood. It would find new means of political expression.

While an amnesty would take us one more step closer to national oblivion, such an amnesty may very well fizzle with nary a whimper. Concerned Americans would be well-advised to maintain focus but stay cool under fire in this battle for the future of America.