Crazy SPLC smears black woman as white nationalist

A few weeks ago, I attended the 2015 Writers Workshop in DC, which was sponsored by U.S. Inc. It was an excellent conference, which covered issues pertaining to mass immigration, immigration law enforcement, and border security. The packed audience listened to very knowledgeable presenters, and sadly, to victims of illegal alien crime. 

The conference had everything to do with American values and nothing at all to do with racism and white nationalism. Videos of the Writers Workshop are online - you can judge for yourself. 

That didn't stop the nutcases from trying to malign the event and Inger Eberhart who attended the event. Here is a blog post by Inger Eberhart on the SPLC's hit piece:

As a black American, I am outraged at the lengths the hate-mongering left goes to smear advocates for sanity and control regarding immigration.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the 2015 Writer’s Workshop conference sponsored by U.S. Inc. in Washington D.C. – and I plan on going again next year. Little did I know that my attendance at this year’s Workshop would give the pro-illegal alien Southern Poverty Law Center and its open border allies an opportunity to make fools of themselves yet again.

Here’s what unfolded. The conference audience consisted mostly of academics, writers, bloggers, and activists like myself from across the country who believe that our immigration laws should be enforced and that Americans of all races and backgrounds should not lose their jobs to cheaper illegal or imported foreign workers. Really radical ideas, right?

So, naturally, the SPLC hates the Writer’s Workshop and everything it stands for. While there, I snapped a photo of one of the speakers, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and posted it on my Twitter feed. It seems that an SPLC ally named 'Imagine 2050' monitors my Twitter feed.

They took my picture without my permission, used it in a ridiculous smear piece and apparently passed it on to the SPLC.

The educational event obviously gave the SPLC a terrible case of the vapors. They proved it by demonstrating their hate for the Kansas Secretary of State for his outstanding legal work on behalf of enforcing our immigration laws. Someone named Heidi Bierich wrote a blog denouncing Secretary Kobach for speaking at a conference of “white nationalists.” White nationalists is one of those labels the SPLC uses in addition to “racists”, “nativists”, and “xenophobes” to demonize any group or individual who upholds our immigration laws.

That was amusing, to this African-American woman who, along with other black Americans, and Latino and Asian Americans found ourselves attending a “white nationalist conference” if you were to believe the Imagine 2050 and the SPLC.

Mind you this was a conference at which two Latinos made presentations and another Latino told the heartbreaking story of his brother’s murder at the hands of a twice-deported illegal alien.

Memo to Imagine 2050 and the SPLC: I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the years immediately following the civil rights era. I would spot a real white nationalist a lot faster than you ever could.

This entire smear campaign would be amusing if it wasn’t so sick.

The SPLC apparently assumes the revealing expose from their hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser has been forgotten. This proud Southerner has not forgotten:

“Outside the Southern Poverty Law Center, a stunning civil rights memorial honors those who died to give blacks more opportunities. Inside, no blacks have held top management positions in the center’s 23-year history, and some former employees say blacks are treated like second-class citizens.

“I would definitely say there was not a single black employee with whom I spoke who was happy to be working there,” said Christine Lee, a black graduate of Harvard Law School who interned at the Law Center in 1989.

Only one black has ever been among the top five wage-earners at the center, and he was one of only two black staff attorneys in the center’s history. Both said they left unhappy.

The Law Center’s ambitious new project, Teaching Tolerance, which is designed to promote racial and cultural justice throughout America’s schools, is produced by an eight-member all-white staff according to the Law Center.”

Stay tuned, it gets better. The shameless character assassins at IMAGINE2050 also used a picture from the U.S. Inc. writers conference of Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach pictured with a Latina American, Ms. Maria Espinoza and at least two other Hispanics.

Ms. Espinoza is the founder of The Remembrance Project (@StolenLivesQlt) whose mission is to remember and honor the thousands of law abiding Americans of all descriptions who have been raped, brutalized and murdered at the hands of illegal alien criminals, to try and bring some comfort and support to the families devastated by their loss, and to raise public awareness of the human cost of our government’s failure to protect us.

Americans like Ms. Espinoza give away the lies from the SPLC and IMAGINE 2050 narrative. The truth is those organizations never shed a tear for the victims of illegal alien criminals and their families. They could care less that millions of unskilled, low income minority Americans are being displaced in jobs by unscrupulous employers who hire and exploit illegal aliens.

So if you subscribe to the SPLC and IMAGINE 2050 because you think they are fighting for minority Americans, you’ve been scammed, duped and used. They lie about anyone who doesn’t fall in line and with their anti-American ideology. Just as they lied about me, Ms. Espinoza, U.S. Inc. and everyone who attended the educational event in Washington.

The good news is that there are groups like the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society (where I am a proud member of the board of advisors), U.S. Inc, NumbersUSA and others that are there to educate and arm you with the knowledge to challenge the SPLC’s ugly lies.

Inger Eberhart
MBA, MA (2015)
Advisory Board member: The Dustin Inman Society
Writer: The Social Contract Press, Californians for Population Stabilization
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Incidentally, there were patriotic Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and other black Americans (including a relative of the late SPLC board member, Julian Bond) in attendance at this so-called "White Nationalist" conference. 


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