Creeping censorship at the Denver Post

As we are aware, the mainstream media are not fond of enforcement of immigration law. This is perhaps a result of the liberal indoctrination suffered by aspiring reporters throughout their years of higher education, or perhaps it is a consequence of the fact that the vast majority of mainstream media are owned by a handful of corporate interests. Or both.

In the spirit of equal coverage, the Denver Post published former Congressman Tom Tancredo's guest commentary, "The Colorado Compact is an empty pinata"... with subtle changes.

In the spirit of Pravda-like censorship, the Post placed every instance of the term aliens in quotes. This subtly changed the emphasis and authenticity of the term. In a guest opinion piece.

Open borders fanatics much prefer the term "illegal immigrant" to the legitimate term of "illegal alien". Yet U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services clearly defines "Alien: Any person not a citizen or national of the United States." 

It has been said that "he who controls the language controls the debate". Way to go, Denver Post.