Cultural Marxism is alive and well in America

Recently, the Heritage Foundation published an extremely well-researched study revealing that the lifetime cost of granting amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens would be astronomical: Heritage says $6.3 trillion for amnesty. (Of course, we all know the stale government number of 11 million illegal aliens is vastly under-inflated; researchers have concluded that there may be up to 40 million illegal aliens who have evaded capture at our border and are living in the United States.)

The Heritage report was a kick in the gut to the open borders Amnesty gang who want Americans to pretend they won't have to pay the infrastructural and welfare costs resulting from legalizing millions upon millions of foreign job seekers. The Washington Post reacted by incorrectly claiming that the study did not include revenues produced by amnestied illegal alien job seekers, yet the report certainly did include these revenues.5

So-called conservatives joined the radical open borders mob in leaving no stone unturned trying to discredit the report.

They didn't have to look very far. The Heritage Immigration and Amnesty Study was authored by Robert Rector and Jason Richwine, Ph.D. - who did the vast majority of back-room number crunching (see video below). It is because of Richwine's work that the study is virtually irrefutable.

Richwine received a PhD in public policy from Harvard in 2009 with a doctoral dissertation titled “IQ and Immigration Policy”.4 The abstract states in part that "The average IQ of immigrants in the United States is substantially lower than that of the white native population, and the difference is likely to persist over several generations."1 This intellectually sound dissertation was reviewed and accepted by the most prestigious university in the world. 

Heritage consistently has been aligned with reducing low-skilled immigration while increasing high-skilled immigration. In fact, the Heritage Report states, “The legal immigration system should be altered to greatly reduce the number of low-skill immigrants entering the country and increase the number of new entrants with high levels of education and skills that are in demand by U.S. firms.”1

Sadly, within days after the report was issued, Hertiage buckled to pressure from the open borders goons and kicked Richwine out into the street.2 They didn't pull the report, however, which continues to stand on its own merit.

It turns out that former U.S. senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) took over as head of Heritage on April 1, along with a bunch of political staffers from DC. None of them had an iota of think tank experience. It is now blatantly obvious that they are intent upon running Heritage merely as a base adjunct of right-wing PACs.

One Heritage scholar confided, “This is much worse than I feared … and it happened much faster than I ever imagined.”

As noted by James Kirkpatrick:3

As Talleyrand said, it's worse than a crime – it's a blunder. Forcing or even allowing Richwine to resign is an admission of guilt. Tactically speaking, not only should Jason Richwine not have been pressured to resign, he should have been forbidden to resign.

Richwine was not being criticized for anything he wrote at the Heritage Foundation, or even about the most recent immigration study. While there has been some pushback from within conservatism against that study, it mostly consists of the claim that the study assumed today's illegal immigrants would not move into the upper class economically. Of course, if anything, the descendents of today's illegal immigrants are likely to regress in future generations, and welfare use is likely to increase behind today's standards. Once illegals are given citizenship, the permanent progressive majority that Democrats recognize and Grover Norquist and his minions pretend to ignore will finish off the cause of limited government forever.

While the Heritage Foundate has demonstrated political cowardice under the coercion of political correctness, their magnificent blunder has indeed confirmed that cultural Marxism is alive and well in America. 



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Of course, none of this is what bothered Richwine’s critics. What they objected to was Richwine’s argument that “the totality of the evidence suggests a genetic component to group differences in IQ.” ...  is the argument really outside the realm of legitimate academic discussion, and is it “racist”?...

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With the immigration bill granting amnesty to 12 million illegals, an open door to their dependents and a million new immigrants each year, almost all from the Third World, America in 2040 is going to look like Los Angeles today. Yet, it was in L.A. that Putnam found social capital at its most depleted and exhausted.

If Richwine is right, America in 2040 will be a country with whites and Asians dominating the professions, and 100 million Hispanics concentrated in semiskilled work and manual labor.

The issues Richwine raises go to the question of whether we shall survive as one nation and one people.

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11.  In Defense of Jason Richwine, Charles Murray, National Review, May 15, 2013:

I have a personal interest in this story because Jason Richwine was awarded a fellowship from my employer, the American Enterprise Institute, in 2008-09, and I reviewed the draft of his dissertation. A rereading of the dissertation last weekend confirmed my recollection that Richwine had meticulously assembled and analyzed the test-score data, which showed exactly what he said they showed: mean IQ-score differences between Latinos and non-Latino whites, found consistently across many datasets and across time after taking factors such as language proficiency and cultural bias into account. I had disagreements then and now about his policy recommendations, but not about the empirical accuracy of his research or the scholarly integrity of the interpretations with which I disagreed...

In academia, only the tenured can safely write on these topics. Assistant professors know that their chances of getting tenure will be close to zero if they publish politically incorrect findings on climate change, homosexuality, race differences, gender differences, or renewable energy. Their chances will not be much higher if they have published anything with a distinctly conservative perspective of any sort. To borrow George Orwell’s word, they will have proved themselves to be guilty of crimethink.

12. Update: De Mint Stays Bought: Open Borders Bigot To Be Top Heritage Economist, VDare, January 22, 2014.


The Changing Character of U.S. Immigration by Jason Richwine, Heritage Foundation

At the September 30, 2012 Social Contract Writers Workshop in Washington, DC, Jason Richwine discusses the connection between culture and immigration. He discusses previous immigrant waves and their nationality, as well of the success of immigrant nationalities in achieving economic parity with mainstream America. Richwine observes that different groups assimilate to different degrees.