Everything in Life Is a Choice

How do you become courageous? Dennis Prager, in his Fireside Chat, Episode 209, says:

You're courageous, or you become courageous, if you want to be courageous... Because... basically we are what we want to be.

Most people don't want to be courageous because courage exacts a price. You could lose your friends, you could lose relatives, you could lose your job.... It's tough.

You chose to be happy just as you chose to be courageous. Everything is a choice, and people don't realize that. 

Everything in life is a choice: Courage, happiness, religion, marriage, everything. The sooner you realize this, the happier your life will be.

Watch Dennis Prager's Fireside Chat, Episode 209. Indeed, all of the Prager Fireside Chats are worth watching. 

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