Exhorbitant salaries at the SPLC Poverty Palace

I happened to come across some interesting tidbits about the Southern Poverty Law Center and their "Poverty Palace" high rent mansion. It's downright scary how much the chief officers of hate glean from the contributions of naive donors.

The expose AmRen vs. SPLC by Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, August 5, 2016 explains:

... the SPLC’s blather is supported by the media, the government, universities, churches, elected officials, and public schools. They are fighting for the downtrodden, unmasking evil, combating “hate,” handing out love by the double handful...

Then there is money. Everyone knows the Southern Poverty Law Center is loaded, but let’s be specific. The property of their headquarters in Alabama is worth over 7 million dollars, and that is not counting the value of their offices in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.


But when compared to their salaries, the SPLC’s property value does not look that exorbitant. Here are the reported incomes of their highest-paid employees, per their 2014 tax returns (pages 7 and 8):

Name Title Reportable compensation from the organization Estimated other compensation from the organization and related organizations
Richard Cohen President/CEO $333,296 $74,122
Lisa Sahulka COO $176,511 $26,839
Teenie Hutchison Secretary/Treasurer $154,457 $37,543
Morris Dees Chief Trial Counsel $337,146 $45,546
Joseph J. Levin, Jr. General Counsel $160,626 $41,841
Wendy Via Chief Development and Communications Officer $186,645 $35,769
Mark Potok Senior Fellow $138,583 $31,404
Jerri Katzerman Deputy Legal Director $183,752 $43,297
David Utter Juvenile Justice Policy St $136,039 $23,323
Heidi Beirich Director/Intel Project $138,605 $17,791

The second two columns add to more than $2.3 million. One wonders if any employees see the irony in making over $200,000 working at a “nonprofit” with the word “poverty” in its name. This form–Form 990–reports the salaries only of employees making more than 100,000 dollars a year...

The SPLC also spends a lot of money on fundraising–spending money to make money...



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SPLC chief Richard Cohen named in bar association complaint - Accused of making 'unethical statements' for attacks on state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, World Net Daily, August 12, 2016.


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