Exporting Jobs - Importing Workers and Refugees

"Free trade" agreements have accomplished much - most notably profit for transnational corporations at the expense of American jobs and technology. Our manufacturing base, and increasingly our knowledge base, hardly exist in recognizable form.

The current Summer, 2012 issue of The Social Contract addresses the consequences of so-called free trade. This is a particularly good issue, at least in my opinion. Here are links to the articles that you can read online:

Exporting Jobs, Importing More Workers - A Note from the Editor

The Case against Free Trade

What they are saying about free trade and globalization

Immigration Realists Need to Focus on Trade Policy

Korean Agreement Latest Fiasco in ‘Free Trade’ Deals - An interview with economist Ian Fletcher

In this so-called Global Economy... Where exactly do American workers fit in?

Power at the Polling Place

Restrictionists Own the Moral High Ground

State Dept. Refugee Input Session Reveals Citizen Dissatisfaction

Protect American Citizens - End U.S. Refugee Policy

Ten Reasons for a Moratorium on Refugee Admissions in 2013

A California Resident Speaks Out - Sacramento suburbanite explains why the refugee program is a major scam

How Youth Unemployment and Population Growth Undermine Domestic Tranquility

Deliberately Choosing Uncertainty by Rejecting Science

The New Dictatorship in Washington

Will Our Multicultural Elites Ever Become Race Realists?

Multiculturalism and the Alienation of Western Civilization’s Elites

Divisive and Damaging Effects of Official Multicultural, Diversity, Multilingual Policies on American Public Life

Canada’s Gift to America - Bilingualism and multiculturalism

Why We Need to Make English the Official Language of the U.S.

Book Review: Irreconcilable Differences- The American nation that never was

Book Reviews: Unjust Justice Delivered ‘Fast and Furious’

Book Review: Deep Ecology and Our Biological Future

Book Review: The Bible Gives No Sanction to Open Borders

Book Review: The Case against Endless Economic Progress - Of madmen and economists