Frothing fascists take another bite at free speech

The frothing fascists who have invaded corporate America have taken another bite at free speech. The bulk email service Constant Contact has terminated the account. is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World. She was born August 18, 1587 into community on Roanoke Island off the North Carolina coast that would later be known to history as the “Lost Colony.”

More about VDare:

The VDare Foundation’s mission is education on two main issues: first, the unsustainability of current US immigration policy and second, the “National Question,” which is the viability of the US as a nation-state.... is a non-profit journalistic enterprise, the main project of the VDARE Foundation. We publish data, analysis, and editorial commentary in a variety of formats. We inform the fight to keep America American. ... The National Question is, in short, an examination of how long the US can continue as a coherent nation-state in the face of current immigration policy.

We argue that the US is in fact a nation-state as defined above, with a unifying history, traditions and language. Regarding the viability of its future, unless something is done, and quickly, the prognosis is not good....

In the July 28, 2018 article, CONSTANT CONTACT cancels, Lydia Brimelow writes:

A couple of days previous, I became aware that our e-bulletins... were undelivered. The last time this happened it was the result of a major list expansion triggering a “best practices” review. I had called them up and passed the review with flying colors.

But that was not what happened this time. Instead, the woman representative that I got immediately informed me that my account had been canceled because, and I quote, “We no longer…we don’t service your industry.”

I was puzzled. “What industry? You don’t service non-profits?”

“No,” she said, “white supremacy.”

White supremacy” is an “industry” now. And we are supposed to be part of it!...


Corporate Marxists are trying really hard to send patriots, immigration sanity proponents, and those who study race relations back to the days of typewriters and mimeograph. Especially during the next few months leading up to the 2018 midterm elections.

Not happy with Communist Constant Contact? Contact them: Contact Constant Contact CEO Jonathan Kateman by email at, through LinkedIn, or phone Constant Contact headquarters at: 781-472-8100.



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