Go Mexican Broncos!

The Broncos - a football team based in Denver - this year are displaying superior athletic prowess, teamwork, and cohesive sportsmanship on the field.

Off the field, it's another story. Literally.

The January 31, 2014 CBS Denver story "Broncos Roster Features 2 Mexican-Americans With A Special Bond" plays up the Mexican heritage of two players, Louis Vasquez and Manny Ramirez, stating:

...“To have two Mexicans on the same line in college was a big thing, and now that we’re here, and we’re on the same offensive line again, but now we’re at the big show? It’s a dream come true,” Vasquez said...

And they remain proud of their Mexican heritage...

This is yet another case of the mainstream media (MSM) synthesizing a puff piece out of thin air in order to tacitly promote their agenda of amnesty / legalization for illegal aliens

How about a background story on German players?

"To have two Germans on the same team is a dream come true! Bach and Schmidt remain proud of their German heritage."

Or this story:

"To have Hadad and Yang on the same team is a dream come true! Both remain proud of their heritage."

Sadly, it may not be long before we read:

"To have two Americans on the same team is a dream come true. Both remain proud of their American heritage."