GOP immigration suicide

The GOP consists of two components: the conservative grassroots base (i.e., Republican voters) and the entrenched corporate sponsored puppeteers who manipulate the party for greed and profit ("Conservatism, Inc."). The latter is on the verge of sentencing the GOP to a lingering death via immigration. The Rubio Gang amnesty, if passed, will virtually guarantee the demise of the GOP as we know it, leaving true conservatives to flounder in the onrush of millions upon millions of "undocumented democrats". The nails are in the coffin, and the GOP has handed Obama the hammer.

GOP elites flippantly discount concerns that conservative voters will leave the party. "'Where else are they going to go?' asked Sig Rogich, a veteran Las Vegas-based Republican operative who has long pushed for a more immigrant-friendly GOP. 'They'll get over it.'"...1

Others say amnesty portends political suicide. CAIRCO spokesperson Marty Lich observed,"If the GOP agrees on this amnesty, they're selling out their core values. They'd lose us. They'd lose the votes of people who support them, and they're not going to gain a lot of votes."

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo noted, "I don't know how you can even quantify the loss of enthusiasm."1 He observed that:

The RNC is choosing to endorse and repeat the disastrous 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty plan despite the plain evidence of its failure. Amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens was granted immediately, while border security and interior enforcement were promises made and never kept. But this time, it’s not 3 million, it’s 15 million or more...

The [RNC "autopsy"] report avoids any acknowledgment – mush less a fact-based refutation – of the inconvenient truth that Hispanic voters have been registering Democrats and voting Democratic by a 2-to-1 ratio for over 40 years, long before immigration became an issue! 

...until now, Republicans did not realize that the DECLINE in Hispanic votes for Republican candidates in the 1988 national elections was due to the fact that the 1986 amnesty legislation signed by a Republican president, Ronald Reagan, was not generous enough!"2

Patrick J. Buchanan commented on the negative impact of amnesty for illegal aliens:

First, it will enrage populist conservatives who supported the GOP because they believed the party's pledges to oppose amnesty, secure the border and stop illegals from taking jobs from Americans.

And in return for double-crossing these folks and losing their votes, what would be gained by amnesty for, say, 10 million illegal aliens?

Assume in a decade all 10 million became citizens and voted like the Hispanics, black folks and Asians already here. The best the GOP could expect—the Bush share in 2004—would be 40 percent, or 4 million of those votes.

But if ... percentages held, Democrats would get not just 6 million, but 7 million new votes to the GOP's less than 3 million.

Thus, if we assume the percentages of the last three elections hold, the Democratic Party would eventually gain from an amnesty a net of between 2 and 4 million new voters.3

Research by the Center for Immigration Studies confirms that "A comparison of voting patterns in presidential elections across counties over the last three decades shows that large-scale immigration has caused a steady drop in presidential Republican vote shares throughout the country."5

Here are some supporting facts: In 1988, George H.W. Bush received 30% Hispanic support. In 1992, he received 25% of the Hispanic vote. Pro-amnesty John McCain was rejected by 67% of Hispanic voters in 2008. In 2012, Romney, soft on immigration enforcement, was rejected by 71% of Hispanic voters.6

Analysis reveals that the claim that in the 2008 election, voters rejected anti-immigration “hardliner” Republicans in favor of comprehensive immigration-reform Democrats is simply untrue.10

Even back in 2000, 30 plus years after the 1985 "one time amnesty", the writing was on the wall:

But the Republican hour is rapidly drawing to a close... it is being drowned—as a direct result of the 1965 Immigration Act.... Nine-tenths of the immigrant influx is from groups with significant—sometimes overwhelming—Democratic propensities. After thirty years, their numbers are reaching critical mass. And there is no end in sight.7

How did Republicans lose sight of their primary value system - that is, faith in a Constitutional Republic based upon the rule of law? Perhaps the interminable pressure of Corporate America for an unending supply of cheap, foreign job seekers and new consumers finally took its toll. Perhaps some high-priced consultant told the GOP that amnesty for illegals is inevitable, and that they must join the amnesty brigade or fall by the wayside.

Fatefully forgetting that "immigrants" do not vote for limited government and curtailed handouts, the GOP's response was: give us the noose, we'll do the rest. Do we want a single party Democratic regime to control the destiny of the US ad infinitum? The GOP seems to think so.


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