The Great Discontinuity

Americans have been forced for decades by their corporate and political masters to worship at the altar of unending physical growth.

Mass immigration is great for corporate interests who wish to displace expensive American workers with cheap, docile foreign workers. Mass immigration is great for the Democrat party, which has recognized the huge voting potential among disunified identity groups

The societal and environmental consequences of unending mass immigration are gargantuan. Mass immigration has impacted Americans in every corner of their nation. Native-born White Americans will become a minority in their own country by 2050. America's population is being driven to double this century as a result of mass immigration, which will result in twice the impact on our supporting ecosystems.

What could possibly stop our growth-at-any-cost policy if there's no money in doing so and no votes to be gained?

I have long thought that a discontinuity could arise that would induce a major shift in our national paradigm.

The Corona virus / COVID/19 may be a great discontinuity that turns the tide. It's too early yet to tell, and it's a great tide to turn. And of course, no one wants anyone to become infected. But it is here and it is affecting countries around the globe.

Elites - that is, people with power and money - have mandated open borders for America and Europe. Yet it hard to imagine blind continuation of globalist policies. The mandated free movement of people across national borders simultaneously facilitates the free movement of disease.

Patrick J. Buchanan asked in a March 13, 2020 article, Will the Coronavirus Kill the New World Order?:

It may one day be said that the coronavirus delivered the deathblow to the New World Order, to a half-century of globalization, and to the era of interdependence of the world's great nations....

As for the "open borders" crowd, do Democrats still believe that breaking into our country should no longer be a crime, and immigrants arriving illegally should be given free health care, a proposition to which all the Democratic debaters raised their hands?...

In retrospect, was it wise to have relied on China to produce essential parts for the supply chains of goods vital to our national security? Does it appear wise to have moved the production of pharmaceuticals and lifesaving drugs for heart disease, strokes and diabetes to China? Does it appear wise to have allowed China to develop a virtual monopoly on rare earth minerals crucial to the development of weapons for our defense?...

We might indeed be at a turning point. Let's hope so.