The Great Replacement - in Europe and in America

The Great Replacement is the systematic replacement of native predominantly White European and American populations by Third World immigrants. The phrase has become widely used in France and has gained recognition in America

The phrase derives from the works of French author Renaud Camus. His recent book, You Will Not Replace Us, summarizes his earlier works, including Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement). The book has good reviews, including the review by Edward Ring, The Undifferentiated Human Matter of Replacism, American Greatness, February 1, 2020.

Ring's review is lengthy yet is worth reading because it covers important concepts. If you are pressed for time, read the introductory paragraphs and the concluding section. Ring's review - and thus Camus' book - explain that the Great Replacement is not just the replacement of the peoples of Western nations, but complete leveling of their culture and civilization. The review also explains why this is being orchestrated by elites, referred to as the Davos-cracy.

Ring writes:

It’s always problematic to discuss anything questioning the demographic transformations sweeping the West. It’s easy and politically acceptable to celebrate diversity, and even gleefully to anticipate the permanent political ascendancy of the global Left in Western democracies, as the demographic character of the electorate inevitably shifts as a result of mass immigration. But to ask whether or not this shift is desirable invites accusations of racism, xenophobia, and white nationalism....

Given these stigmatizing constraints, the only reason to bother exploring the potential downside of “diversity” is that behind the term “diversity” is possibly the most unexamined, voluntary, abrupt and profound transformation of a civilization in the history of humanity....

He continues:

That description offers a broader perspective on Camus than one of someone merely motivated by xenophobia or racism. Camus is reacting against globalism as an economic nationalist and as a cultural preservationist. He claims that what he calls a “Davos-cracy” has deemed cultures secondary to having a critical mass of consumers, and that it considers all humans interchangeable. The phrase he’s selected to drive his point home, and repeated throughout his book, is “Undifferentiated Human Matter,” or UHM.

Camus makes the point in his book:

What makes countries, continents, cultures and civilizations what they are, what we admire or regret, are the people and the elites who have fashioned them….man is not, or not quite yet, some undifferentiated matter that one can spread indiscriminately, like peanut butter or Nutella, anywhere on the surface of the Earth.”

Ring points out that existing terminology does not adequately described with existing vocabulary, thus Camus

...has come up with the ideology of “replacism,” with three protagonists, “the replacists, who want to change the people and civilization, which they call multiculturalism, the replacers, mostly from Africa and very often Muslims, and the replacees, the indigenous population, whose existence is frequently denied.”

Demographics is destiny

Ring observes that:

A 2017 article appearing in the Washington Times, referencing a study published (in French) by the “Institute des Libertes,” offers projections based on known population demographics and birthrates in France. The study predicts that within 40 years, or barely after mid-century, the white population in France will become a minority. This forecast extrapolates from a white birthrate in France of 1.4 children per woman, compared to a Muslim birthrate of 3.4 per woman. If these birthrate disparities persist, France is destined to become a Muslim majority nation within just a few decades, even if immigration were stopped entirely. Among the younger generations of French, that threshold will be reached much sooner.

Camus diffuses myths used to justify the Great Replacement, noting that “for about fifteen centuries the French population has been remarkably stable, at least in its ethnic composition.” He continues, “what we are dealing with here is a delegated form of colonization, a colonization by proxy, and that the forces that want it, and who organize it, are not the forces who actually accomplish it.”

While mass immigration is the mechanism of the Great Replacement, what set the stage for it? Ring observes that:

This two-fold colonization, orchestrated by the very rich and implemented by the very poor, is part of the destruction of culture that began before the mass migrations. As he writes, “no people that knows its own classics would accept numbly and without balking to be thrown into the dustbins of history . . . this numbness had to be created.” Here and elsewhere, Camus is not talking about a conspiracy, but rather “powerful mechanisms” created by the combination of ideals and interests. The main ideal; equality. The main interests: “normalization, standardization, similarity, sameness."

Tom Shuford, another reader of this article, observed that:

This "numbness" in Western populations to their inheritance was engineered long before in the education systems - as Ring says,"before the mass migrations." I would add long before the mass migrations.

The Left got control of schools, in particular, schools of education - which are gateways to teaching K-6 (when kids are like sponges, ready to absorb great masses of cultural information - without much reflection).

Ring explains that:

For global investors and multinational corporations to achieve maximum growth and profit, the prerequisites are standardization, free trade, open movement of people and capital, and a growing mass of consumers in every economic zone—dependent, destitute, it doesn’t matter. But to justify this, to make it a virtue, even a populist cause, the ideology of equality and anti-racism are in-turn prerequisites.

This erasure of high culture, this popular contempt for a cultivated class that might perpetuate reverence for traditions and greatness, this devolution, suits the ideology of the anti-racists. But it is useful as well to global commercial and financial interests. In an irony of history, Lenin’s useful idiots, the leftist movements in Western nations, are now serving not the international communists, but global capital.

If the Davos elite intend to level Western Civilization and replace the people of its nations by undifferentiated human matter - or worse, an Islamic world - what can be done? Ring notes that:

[in] America, where, just as in Europe, resurgent nationalism—unwilling replacees—contends with a daunting coalition of replacists, replacers, and willing replacees. The eventual outcome hangs by a thread, and no matter what the outcome, so much can go wrong....

Across the United States and Europe, a rebellion is brewing that lacks coherence or unity....

In the 21st century, the United States and Europe, France in particular, faces increasingly radicalized, politically disenfranchised, economically abandoned, embittered masses. What mindset they adopt, what alliances they form, may be the surprise of the century.