If I were running for Colorado's governor

This year we have seen an escalation in teenage males, with some parents, crossing the border illegally, in large numbers, from various parts of the world. Most of these impoverished individuals are from Central America. Denver's state funded agency Denver Health and Human Services is applying for federal grants to bring these illegals to Denver and provide their transition into the Denver area.

The costs of grant application, and Denver Health's staff time is being born by the State. Costs, such as education and health care for these aliens, will be an ongoing cost to the State of Colorado. Many Coloradans have wondered what the Governor's position should be on bringing indigent illegal aliens to Colorado. If I were running for governor this would be my statement to Denver Health's invitation to illegal immigration:

  1. I would want to know how this action by a state government funded pubic entity would reduce illegal immigration in the State of Colorado.
  2. I would recommend cuts in Colorado Health and Human Services and the department of Local affairs - especially at the administrative level. These departments have lost their focus on Colorado citizens. We need to refocus these departments away from illegal immigration and use the savings to reduce their budgets.
  3. I would ask the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to review all documents and emails back to January 1, 2014 and interview relevant parties to see if there is pandering to special interest groups (discipline or termination) or influence peddling (directed to the Colorado Attorney Generals Office).
  4. I would direct all executive agencies to make it the highest of priorities to review all regulations and contracts, state and local, to proactively reduce illegal immigration in the State of Colorado.

The current Governor said he would defend cities that import illegal immigrants. This has negative impact on other communities - especially those adjacent in the metro areas. In order to stop this bad neighbor policy, I would withhold State funds from entities and localities importing illegal aliens. A good rule of thumb in city building is don't import poverty. My administration will focus on Colorado citizens.


John Brick is a Planning Commissioner for the City of Englewood and a spokesman for CAIRCO



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