Is Immigration Enforcement Headed for the Boneyard?

I have heard incessantly from pundits who over the years have proclaimed that if immigration enforcement is to happen, it will happen through the Republican party, not the Democrats. That's no longer true. 

It certainly is clear that the Democrats will do everything they can to bring in more illegal aliens - more Undocumented Democrats. Obama's Dream Scheme Amnesty by executive fiat is just but one example. Illegal aliens know that it is the Democratic party which will ply them with benefits at the public trough - at public expense.

Yet is is now abundantly evident that the Republican party has abandoned their purported support of immigration law enforcement in favor of courting the "Hispanic vote". The following article makes some astute observations:

Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard?
By Patrick J. Buchanan, November 8, 2012

...At the presidential level, the Republican Party is at death's door... Yet one already sees the same physicians writing prescriptions for the same drugs that have been killing the GOP...

Republicans are also falling all over one another to express a love of Hispanics, after Mitt won only 27 percent of a Hispanic vote that is now 10 percent of the national vote.

We face demographic disaster, they are wailing. We must win a larger share of the Hispanic vote or we are doomed.

And what is the proposed solution to the GOP's Hispanic problem?...

Amnesty for the illegals! Stop talking about a border fence and self-deportation. Drop the employer sanctions. Make the GOP a welcoming party.

And what might be problematic about following this advice?

First, it will enrage populist conservatives who supported the GOP because they believed the party's pledges to oppose amnesty, secure the border and stop illegals from taking jobs from Americans.

...what would be gained by amnesty for, say, 10 million illegal aliens?

Assume in a decade all 10 million became citizens and voted like the Hispanics, black folks and Asians already here. The best the GOP could expect - the Bush share in 2004 - would be 40 percent, or 4 million of those votes.

But if Tuesday's percentages held, Democrats would get not just 6 million, but 7 million new votes to the GOP's less than 3 million.

Thus, if we assume the percentages of the last three elections hold, the Democratic Party would eventually gain from an amnesty a net of between 2 and 4 million new voters.

Easy to understand why Democrats are for this. But why would a Republican Party that is not suicidally inclined favor it?

What does government do for them [illegal aliens]?

Subsidizes their housing and provides free education for their kids from Head Start through K-12, plus food stamps and school lunches, Pell Grants and student loans for college, Medicaid if they are sick, earned income tax credits if they work and 99 weeks of unemployment checks if they lose their job.

These are people who depend upon government.

Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?

The article goes on to describe how the Republican party changed course and favored free trade (as opposed to fair trade), thus decimating economic opportunity for America's conservative work force.

The Republican party has laid a double-whammy on its conservative base: it sold out on immigration law enforcement and vaporized jobs for hard-working Americans. It would seem that a so-called conservative party would strive to conserve something for future generations.

Sadly, the Republican party has been giving it all away.