It’s just dirty politics

Tancredo supporter Jan Herron, who lives in Evergreen — she’s voted for Tancredo every time he’s been on the ballot since moving from California two decades ago — begrudgingly acknowledged that she’ll vote for Beauprez in November, but she isn’t happy about it.
“I’ll have to,” she said. “Being a friend of Tom’s, and what they pulled, I think the voters are sick and tired of it. It’s just dirty politics.” Conservatives, she added, are justifiably “annoyed” at the campaign run by Beauprez and his backers, who attacked Tancredo in ads that asked if he was really as conservative as he claimed.
“We saw what happened to California as a result of illegal immigration,” Herron said. “Tom’s been the only one in Colorado who’s really been at the forefront of it. That’s my issue — you may think it’s a single issue, but it really affects every fabric of society. Now is the time to get tough,” she added, “because Colorado’s going to be the next dumping ground.”