Japan - Doing Immigration the Right Way

I have always held respect for Japan, their people, and their culture which emphasizes in part honor, respect, and attention to detail. They have a national cohesiveness which America once had in the 1950s and have since lost, thanks to globalization, excessive immigration, and the cult of multiculturalism. More important is that they have a clear intent to manage their country in the best interests of their citizens - something that has long fallen by the wayside in these United States.

It is fairly common knowledge that Japan has a more functional immigration system than the United States. Indeed, one would expect this to be a prerequisite for maintaining national unity. Yet very little is said about Japan's immigration system and how well it works, especially by the mainstream media.

Thus I found this article particularly illuminating: Federale In Japan: It Works—And It Could Work In The U.S. Too, by Federale, VDare, October 29, 2013. The article presents a first-person account of Japan's immigration system and their culture by someone who understands the dramatic failings of our own system. The article reports that:

...Two weeks in Japan resembled nothing so much as a visit to the lost paradise of California 30 years ago.

In a real country like Japan, border security is still intact. I had the pleasure of being profiled—by both the Japanese Immigration Service and the Japanese Customs Service... Their operations were conducted simply and efficiently... 

More importantly, the Japanese did not waste time harassing legitimate travelers. With their ability to utilize human capital, their officers used profiling to make quick decisions on admissibility and further inspections...

This mixture of efficiency and security extended to the departure process. Unlike the United States, the only major country in the world where there is no customs and immigration inspection on exit, Japan inspects people leaving the country. In immigration law enforcement, departure control is an important aspect of national sovereignty and border control. America does not do this, so we do not control our borders because we do not know who remains in the United States after they are admitted...

The consequences of managing Japan's immigration system for the greatest good of the Japanese is appropriately stated in the article:

The result of a real border security policy: the Japanese get to have a real country. Japan is mostly staffed by the Japanese, at all levels of employment. I saw few foreign workers in the hotel and other service industries. ..

The article goes on to describe the Japanese system of employment which operates in the best interest of the Japanese:

...This is most obvious is this among the thousands of Izakayas—specialty restaurants serving one type of food. The izakayas serve an important purpose, not just as restaurants, but by providing employment for those in Japan who do not make the cut for universities or major companies...

The hiring policies of hotels and restaurants reflect the Japanese government’s nationalist focus. Japan pursues a strategy aimed at both full employment and an ethnostate—a country where there is a social compact between the governed and the governing.

Both the Japanese people and the Japanese elite agree that Japan should remain Japanese. And the Japanese unemployment rate, 4.1% is the lowest in the industrialized world, even reaching 3.5% in 2007...

Unfortunately, Japan is a thorn in the side to globalists who have effectively gutted Europe and are well advanced in accomplishing the same agenda in the United States. A country that places its nationhood and the well-being of its people above globalist corporate greed is simply untenable to those who stand to profit from open borders. The article observes that:

...Japan’s counter-example has not gone unnoticed by the Neocon / Cultural Marxist elite in the West... Bloomberg and Walter Russell Mead are running a campaign against Japanese employment practices and nationalism. (See Abe’s Arrows of Growth Dulled by Japan’s Three Principles By Andy Sharp & Mariko Yasu, Bloomberg, June 20, 2013 and Hatred of Korea Rising in Japan, Especially Among Youth, Walter Russell Mead, October 15, 2013)...

Neoconservatives and cultural Marxists are not content with destroying America. They want to destroy Japan—to ensure that we can’t imagine another world is possible.

Let's hope that Japan can withstand the onslaught of globalism and act as a shining example of how to manage immigration and nationhood with a notable degree of sanity.



The Reason Japan Restricts Immigration And Why It Needs More Restrictions, Federale, 24 May 2023.

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