Mainstream media bias and corruption exposed in Coulter's book In Trump We Trust

I just downloaded and finished reading Ann Coulter's book: In Trump We Trust. Here's a pretty good review of the book:

Ann Coulter's In Trump We Trust: Immigration, Not Charisma, Explains Trump's Appeal, by Martin S. Witkerk, VDare, August 25, 2016.

Everyone knows by now that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is corrupt and in bed with the Democratic party, globalists, and the open borders Marxists. Journalistic standards have been flung out the window. Coulter points this out in magnificent detail in her book.

Coulter's book is an easy read, written in her speaking style. It's not an academic book, yet it is footnoted pretty well. The information presented in the book is by no means new to those who support patriotic immigration reform. However, the book presents an encyclopedic compilation of how the mainstream media discounts and flat out lies about Trump. You may want to read the book for just that reason.

In one section, she points out that Trump has issued a half dozen position papers on immigration, jobs, and trade. In contrast, the other candidates simply said "vote for me". Each and every time, the MSM has retorted that Trump has failed to issue policy details. Huh?

Witkerk notes in his review:

The outcome of the present election may depend on whether or not the public grasps the full extent of journalistic dishonesty in contemporary America.

Well said. Wake up, Americans!