My trip report on the Trump rally in Loveland, Colorado

I figured, why not? I had a camping trip planned in northern Colorado and Loveland was right on the way. It would be one of those once in a lifetime events. So I got a free ticket online for the Trump rally in Loveland on October 3, 2016. 

I met my friend Stan, who drove us up in his truck. Good thing we took his truck!

We got to Loveland about 5pm. Cars were lined up for a mile just to turn in to event parking. The massive main parking lot was full. Police directed us to a dirt overflow lot that was nearly full. We drove all the way to the back to the 20 foot dirt hill and found a parking place. We walked out to the street and on towards the event center.

As we were walking a half mile to the event center, we met a few folks who were walking back. They said the line to get into the center was a mile long! The event center held 7,200 and there must have been tens of thousands of people there!

We left, but it was wonderful to see tens of thousands of people turn out for the event. Just amazing! And they were a mix of families, young and old, and not all were of one race. They represented the heart and soul of America. We figured we would have had to arrive in the morning to get a seat.




Watch the Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Loveland, CO 10/3/2016


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...John Miller of Denver was the second person in line Monday morning for the Trump event. He said he arrived at 6 a.m. after seeing that one other Reddit user was already there, having arrived before 5 a.m....