A nation of Americans - video perspective

America is predominantly a nation of Americans - that is, American citizens. America is decidedly not a "nation of immigrants." I'm not an immigrant, are you?

A small fraction of those residing in America today are not Americans; they are legal immigrants and refugees. A larger fraction are illegal aliens who snuck into America and evaded capture at our border.

Historically, the vast open spaces of America were populated by settlers, some of whom were legal immigrants.

Here is video showing population flows from other countries into America since 1820.


America is not unique with respect to immigration. All countries have had in-migration and out-migration. Here is a video showing world-wide migration patterns:


And here's another video showing migration patterns over a longer 70,000 year perspective:


Over the millennia, population movement was movement from more densely populated areas into relatively unpopulated areas. That's no longer the case. Today, virtually every country is full. That is, their human population is close to their ecological carrying capacity or has exceeded it. There are no more vast unsettled areas to populate.

As a case in point, Africa's unconstrained population growth will result in incredible pressure for Africa's excess population to migrate to the more sustainable countries of Europe. See Europe: the beginning of the population tsunami.

We live in a world where the ethics of migration policy has not caught up with demographic reality. Every country has both a right and a responsibility to manage their population numbers in accordance with their national interest and their ability to sustain those numbers.

Not only is every country full, but as the world's highest-consuming nation, America is full. Mass immigration is driving America's population to double within the lifetimes of children born today. Not only is this de facto population policy unsustainable, but it is ethically indefensible.



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