Our president in Mexico-not a vacation!

President Obama traveled to Mexico this past week. He was commended for being a terrific speaker, however many Mexican citizens said they weren't sure just what country he was speaking of, but they were pretty certain it was not Mexico. They asked: what Mexico was he talking about?  And that it was nice that he came to give inspiring speeches, but what is happening in Mexico is far from what he talked about.

Perhaps they see more than we do.
One thing has been made very clear to American citizens as a result of this inspiring visit.
President Obama said that we think of Mexico as a rapidly-growing economic partner and a neighbor that complements the older, better educated, more affluent United States population with their younger, cheaper, and accessible workforce. 
So in other less glamorous words, they are youthful, cheap, exploitable and more hungry next door neighbors. And 'we'? Who are the 'we' he speaks of here?
Our president said that the United States of America and Mexico are two equal partners, two sovereign nations, that must work together.
Obama was not subtle in hitting this point, quoting an unnamed Mexican man as saying, "There's no reason to go abroad in search of a better life." The U.S. president expressed new confidence that his immigration push was on track, saying, "We are going to get it done this year. I'm absolutely convinced of it."
We are equal partners? I had no idea. I thought America is the land to which many flee to escape Mexico's deplorable conditions. Apparently I am not among the 'we' our president spoke of here.
And of course our president referenced the flow of United States weapons to Mexico and to Central America.
I am fairly confident he was not speaking of his expanded federal program, Fast and Furious, which pumped about 2,000 weapons into Mexico via their cartels--and then 'we' promptly lost track of about two-thirds of them. 'We' learned about that after cartels killed one of our Border Patrol agents by our own federally owned - and lost - guns.  
Worth mentioning as well: in Mexico approximately 150 people were killed and maimed by related Fast and Furious guns that were recovered at the scene.
I am pretty certain our president is letting the "equal partners" (Mexican and American) know that he intends to impose massive gun control on law-abiding American citizens. 
To summarize his visit based on various news accounts, our president is a dynamic, motivating speaker who carefully chooses his own facts to pursue his own agenda, under the guise of "equal partnership".
Mexican citizens recognize this.
So I wonder. Do Americans?

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