The Real Amnesty

- And other Serious Matters concerning the Federal Government's Power -

As you likely know, the Supreme Court sided with the federal government on three of the four AZ Immigration law (SB 1070)  issues.

Untouched however was this part- and please pay close attention to the immediate response by the federal government. The implications and carry-over possibilities are immense.

The Supreme Court ruled that this part of  SB 1070 was to remain: "The part of the law the justices upheld requires police officers stopping someone to make efforts to verify the person’s immigration status with the federal government"

This federal reaction/mandate is what should give voters real pause-for if your state has legal authority  to do something by law, and it involves something the Federal Government disagrees with regarding said follow up enforcement, it appears the Federal Government can simply refuse to deal with it at all.

Say for example you purchase a gun. Your state allows it, but the Feds do not approve of private gun ownership - so what would stop them from saying this "Yes, we have received the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) request from your state - but it will take us five years before we have time to approve or disapprove of the applicant in question."

This folks, is our federal government in action following a Supreme Court Ruling and this particular instance is what I also call The Real Amnesty,  which is not the few thousand 'youngsters' granted temporary  work/school status.

In November-vote very carefully from  the local elections all the way to the top. Only those elected into office have the ultimate decision-making ability and woe to all Americans should this decision making action be similar to today's.


Feds move weakens Arizona’s ability to enforce remaining SB 1070 provision

By Brady McCombs, Arizona Daily Star, June 25, 2012

Homeland Security will not send its officers to pick up suspected illegal immigrants snared by local police in Arizona unless the person meets the agency’s priority criteria. 

In a move that is a direct shot back at the state following’s today’s Supreme Court ruling regarding SB 1070, senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security said Monday that immigration officers have been instructed not to go to the scene of a state or local traffic stop to help enforce immigration law, unless the person meets Homeland Security’s priorities:



Jan Brewer's Official PAC

From: Governor Jan Brewer
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 2:11 PM
Subject: Obama's SB 1070 response: Ignore Arizona

Dear Friend,

Arizona's SB 1070 won a key victory today in the Supreme Court! This was a victory for the rule of law when the court upheld the heart of SB 1070.

What's outrageous is President Obama's response to the ruling! President Obama's administration just suspended the ability of local authorities in Arizona from arresting illegal aliens.

As Governor, I have fought tirelessly to ensure that we protect our Constitution and the law. I have stood against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder from the day they decided to sue us for trying to pass a law that would only further protect our country. With the critical provision of SB 1070 upheld, it shows that we are supported in our efforts and are ready to implement and enforce the law. Now, President Obama has essentially ordered the federal government to ignore Arizona's illegal immigration problem.

It is time to show President Obama that we will never stand down when it comes to the protection of our border and we will also continue to fight against illegal immigration and against Obama's support of back door amnesty.

I thank you again for your support and promise to always protect our Constitution and American sovereignty,

Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona