Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Democrats 'control' the deportation process

Most of us remember sitting in our high school civics class and learning that the federal government is responsible for enforcing laws enacted by Congress, including those dealing with immigration.

But in an era when a sitting president can go around the Constitution and use executive orders to advance his illegal alien amnesty agenda, this apparently is no longer the case. And who, with the possible exception of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is best suited to advancing this agenda than Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the very arrogant and mouthy Democrat from Chicago.

"You know what?" Gutierrez asked during this recent interview with Fusion. "We control the White House and we control the deportation apparatus,” he said. “We have a responsibility to act . . . I’m going to strive to get millions of people a pathway to citizenship. I am going to strive to legalize everyone, even those that may not have a pathway to citizenship today, because inevitably, they will have one. And you know what, stop the deportations. I think we can accomplish those goals.”

We find it ironic - and a tad hypocritical - that the very same people who condemn any efforts to enforce immigration laws at the state and local levels are strangely silent when someone in Congress says his political party now has the authority to do the federal government's job. What about this, Mr. Holder?

Several years ago Gutierrez said his "only loyalty was to immigrants," and we all know who he was talking about; it wasn't those who came here playing by the rules. Protecting American jobs and our national sovereignty are nowhere to be found on this man's political radar.

But just think how much better off 20 million jobless citizens would be, especially Hispanic Americans, if Gutierrez and his ilk were to channel their passion and energy toward dealing with this questioninstead of looking for ways to reward illegal immigrants and encouraging other foreigners to follow their example.

Dave Gorak is Executive Director of the Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration (MCRI).