Shedding documented tears for another puff piece

Today, CAIRCO received this heartwarming request from someone named Jill asking us to write a blog article about the film "Documented". Here's the request:

Hi, I'm writing in the hopes that you can help me spread the word about an important Immigration film that we have screening at the Boulder International Film Festival this weekend: "Documented". The filmmaker is the Washington Post reporter who was in the news after coming out as an undocumented alien; Jose Antonio Vargas. He will be here in person on Sunday, Feb 16 at noon to speak. Any chance you could post something in your blog? He's a dynamite speaker and the film is great! More info at

This, then is the resulting blog entry. First, let me include my response to the requestor:

This is fantastic! A film about an illegal alien who was deported after he snuck into the United States and escaped capture at our border. I'm glad he came clean and returned to his home country to reunite with his family. The film was produced in his home country, right?

There is so much leftist Marxist propaganda these days intended to cultivate a culture of lawbreaking and lawlessness, abolishment of our borders, and dissolution of United States Sovereignty.

Thank you for producing a film that stands firmly with Americans on the side of immigration law enforcement.

Of course, if I misunderstood the thesis of your film, please excuse my exuberance, which will be summarily redacted upon receiving your apology for the production and promotion of this smarmy tear-jerker pseudo "documentary".

A quick web search turned up a trailer for the Vargas puff piece. It also revealed that CNN has purchased rights to the film with the intent to broadcast the film in the spring of 2014 - the likely timeframe of renewed Congressional effort on legalization / amnesty for illegal aliens.

Vargas is a glaring example of how totally insecure our borders are and how we have zero knowledge of just who lives among us. Without that knowledge we have no national security. One must ask: why is this self-confessed illegal alien still living in the United States?