Should Evie Hudak be recalled for her votes supporting illegal immigration?

The clock has started again on a new effort to recall Senator Hudak from office. The group has re-organized and this effort is being run by Mike McAlpine ( ). While CAIRCO does not at this time endorse political candidates, we believe it is important to reveal the immigration voting record for Evie Hudak. This way you or your friends and family in Arvada and Westminister (Colorado Senate District 19) can make an informed decision on whether or not to help recall State Senator Hudak.

1. Hudak voted for instate tuition for illegal aliens this last 2013 Colorado legislative session.

2. Hudak sponsored and voted for drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

3. Hudak voted for the Colorado law enforcement (dis)trust act that repeals 2006 legislation that made sure local government did not restrain law enforcement and public employees from cooperating with Federal immigration enforcement.

If you live in Arvada or Westminister, make your friends and neighbors aware of Evie Hudak's voting record. At this time you can help by gathering recall petition signatures.

If you live elsewhere in Colorado or the United States and have friends or family in these areas, please make them aware of the immigration voting records of this State Senator.

This is an opportunity to eliminate a Colorado Senator who wants to give benefits to illegal aliens while taking away citizens second amendment rights.


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Hudak Camp Fights Recall Drive With Cash from Washington, D.C., PAC, Colorado Observer, November 11, 2013

The Environmental Majority PAC has donated $30,000 to two anti-recall issue committees: $5,000 to Stand with Evie, and $25,000 to the Democracy Defense Fund, the group behind door-hangers and robocalls urging Jefferson County residents not to sign recall petitions.

The two issue committees have raised $50,428, more than twice as much as Recall Hudak Too, which has collected $23,296, mainly in donations of $100 or less from Colorado residents, according to the latest campaign-finance reports.

The biggest obstacle may be the robocalls, say volunteers, which sound like the official reverse 911 calls issued by police in emergencies.

“This is a community alert for Arvada and Westminster from the Democracy Defense Fund,” says a robocall message posted on several media websites. “Paid signature-gatherers who have not gone through a criminal background check could be in Westminster and Arvada this week asking for signatures on a recall petition. Do not sign this petition.”

McAlpine said the robocalls have been effective in dissuading some residents from signing. The campaign must submit about 18,900 valid signatures from registered voters in Senate District 19 by Dec. 3 to force the recall.


Scare tactics continue in Hudak recall efforts, Complete Colorado, November 8, 2013


Could The Hudak Recall Be A Win-Win For Conservatives?, Colorado Peak Politics, October 24, 2013

...The recall effort underway to unseat one of the legislature’s most arrogant and out-of-touch members could end up being a win-win scenario for conservatives and gun rights activists...

A wholly owned subsidiary of the teachers union, Hudak is terrible for Colorado on far more than just guns...

She also has a raft of baggage to confront that makes Morse’s ethical troubles pale in comparison. From insulting a rape victim to almost being charged with criminal trespass for barging into a former supporters’ home to berate them for backing her opponent...