Social Contract Winter 2013 issue: Moving Forward

The Social Contract is a quarterly journal that addresses immigration issues, human population issues, language, assimilation, culture, and national unity considerations. The Winter 2013 issue "Moving Forward" is available online and contains a variety of articles related to immigration.

Here are direct links to the articles:

  1. A Note from the Editor: Opportunities for Immigration Reform by Wayne Lutton
  2. Looking Forward by Rick Oltman
  3. What if Romney had Won? by Dave Gibson
  4. Immigration and Education's Downward Spiral by Richard Pelto
  5. How Diversity Ideology Corrupts American Education by Brenda Walker
  6. We Shall Overwhelm* — FY 2003-12 by William Buchanan
  7. Victims of Illegal Immigration by Michael W. Cutler
  8. What Needs to Be Done with the Higher-Skilled Work Visa Programs Such as H-1B? by Gene Nelson
  9. The Consequences of Sanctuary Policies and What You Can Do about It by Dave Gibson
  10. Humanism and Rooted Diversity -Two foci of resistance to late modernity by Mark Wegierski
  11. The Next Amnesty Will Apply to 40 Million Illegal Aliens by Dave Gibson
  12. The Olduvai Theory - Heading into the Gorge by Richard C. Duncan
  13. Illegal Immigration and Marijuana: Can Smoking Weed Help? by Ed Rubenstein
  14. Environmentalism as Love of Home by Martin Witkerk
  15. The Obama Nation: We’re All Racists Now by Peter Gemma

From the Editor's Note:

Contrary to the claims of mass immigration proponents, Americans have never endorsed open borders. James Madison, in his famous report on immigration to the First Congress, succinctly stated what should be our policy:

Welcome every person of good fame that really means to incorporate himself into our society, but repel all who will not be a real addition to the wealth and strength of the United States.

As our Publisher, John Tanton, reminds us, the question then is: In order to best facilitate meeting the highest goals of the American people, (1) how many immigrants should we admit? (2) and who should be admitted?

As we enter the New Year, there are opportunities to inform our fellow citizens about how immigration policies impact other critical issues. In this edition, Rick Oltman proposes to reignite grass-roots efforts. Dave Gibson explains how citizens can raise awareness of the threat to public safety posed by illegal aliens...