Social Contract Writers Workshop videos are online

The Social Contract held its 39th annual Writers Workshop in DC in October. The Social Contract journal examines trends, events, and ideas that have an impact on America's delicate social fabric. The Writers Workshop brings together presenters and Americans who are concerned for their country. I attended this excellent event (but not at CAIRCO expense).

Here are selected videos from the workshop:

by KC McAlpin, The Social Contract

Economic Growth, Immigration, and National Security
by Frank Roche of Policy Matters USA

What Should U.S. Immigration Policy Be? - first panelist
by Mike Gonzalez of The Heritage Foundation

What Should U.S. Immigration Policy Be? - second panelist
by Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies

The Case for Open Borders
by Prof. Bryan Caplan, Department of Economics, George Mason University

The Human Cost of the Federal Government's Border Failure
by Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project, Juan Benavides, and Dan Golvach

Where Have All The Borders Gone?
by Diana West, former syndicated columnist, journalist, and author of American Betrayal and The Death of the Grown-Up

Refugee Resettlement: The Agenda to Erase America
by investigative reporter James Simpson

This is a Test... a Quiz on Open Borders Advocates
by Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch