Spreading the word on illegal immigration

Recently I was able to get the letter below published in two community newspapers. I bring this up because we have our best chance of getting our immigration reduction message out in community newspapers. These papers do not always have editorial management that keeps immigration info off the letter page. Plus, using community newspapers is a good way to call out State Legislators (all democrats on all three issues last year and Brophy and Hill, republicans on instate tuition) for their immigration vote.

Your local newspapers know your area and even if your letter is not great it lets them know what kind of stories you want printed. Keep it short and respectful and you have a good chance of getting it printed. Make sure you give them the info they ask for when you submit your letter (name phone etc). Feel free to use info from my letter and you can always find current immigration facts on the CAIRCO website. So contribute to your community this year and submit a letter to the editor of your local community newspaper on illegal immigration.

My letter:

Dear Editor:

The 2014 Colorado State Legislature is about to convene and there are still many people, especially young people, out of work. Benefits from both the public and private sector are needed to help Colorado citizens get through. A big contributor to the problem is the high amount of illegal labor. While criminal businesses park citizen labor in government subsidies they use illegal labor at will.

Last year our legislators, Linda Newell and Daniel Kagan, contributed to the problem by offering illegal immigrants enticements to come and stay. They made drivers licenses available (a form of ID), gave instate tuition to illegal aliens, and allowed cities and counties to refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement.

While these bills may please our legislators special interest friends in the Chambers of Commerce and Colorado Municipal League, it does little to stem the tide of illegal labor that effects south metro citizens directly and indirectly. We need to make it clear to both Newell and Kagan that we want to see these laws rescinded and e-verify in place. We can reduce the cost of state government by being vigilant about how we legislate and where the money goes.


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