Stop DACA Amnesty and All Chain Migration

In excess of 850,000 illegal alien, mostly Mexican children, now adults, make demands on our Congress to give them a free pass to citizenship. Demographic experts predict that the number could jump by another 1,000,000 more of them who will apply for their DACA registration if Congress passes an amnesty. With the past 30 years of illegal immigration not being stopped, no one knows how enormous the final tabulation of their numbers.

We Americans face HUGE consequences if DACA passes. Why? Once those 1 to 2 million illegal alien immigrants gain citizenship, they would chain-migrate up to eight family members each. Potentially, that adds up to 12 million people, and more over the years. And the costs?

$26 Billion Cost for DACA to American Taxpayers, Initially

“The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) released a report on the fiscal impact of the Dream Act of 2017(S.1615) introduced by Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). This process, known as a “scoring,” is done on almost every major bill introduced into committee by Congress. What the CBO found is that the DREAM Act would increase the federal deficit by $25.9 billion over a ten-year period. This is based on its estimation that approximately 2 million individuals will receive legal status and work authorization under the Dream Act. This number is more than double those who are currently benefiting from the extralegal DACA program,” Eric Ruart of

The CBO said: “The bill would affect direct spending by conferring eligibility for federal benefits?health insurance subsidies and benefits under Meedicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), among others?provided that those applicants met the other eligibility rrequirements for those programs.”

While our country drowns in $20 trillion in debts, Durban and Graham push all of our heads under water. That means our kids pay extraordinary costs into the next four decades. That amnesty means our schools suffer millions of immigrant kids, millions of free breakfasts and lunches and millions in medical care---all paid for by you, the American taxpayer.

Ironically, Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham led the charge against E-Verify for the past 15 years. They led the charge to give amnesty in the 2013 S744 bill that gave 20 million illegal immigrants a free pass, but jumped legal immigration from 1.2 million annually to 2 million annually. They’ve done nothing to stop the 350,000 ‘anchor baby’ phenomenon annually, where pregnant mothers violate our borders to birth a child in our country---for bogus instant citizenship. The kid gets a free ride while the mother gets a free house, food and medical care---paid for by you. It’s been going on for 30 years at a cost of countless billions.

You might ask the question: “Who are those guys working for and why are they working against us when we pay their salaries to represent us and our best interests?”

While many feel that those children suffered an unfair practice of “being dragged across our borders by their lawless parents,” what about our unemployed citizens, our poor and our 13 million American children living below the poverty line? What about our laws? What about our astronomical national debt?

What does “chain-migration” look like? Please watch this 30 second video to show you how their lawlessness ends up being a bonanza to them and Mexico: Mexico gets ride of its poorest and most unskilled citizens, but they send back $25 billion annually in cash transfers.

What chain-migration looks like: it’s like inviting someone you don’t know into your home - and then, you allow them to invite in as many unknown people from their families as they wish. It’s exponential growth totally out of control:

What chain-migration looks like: 30 second Video: Amnesty and Chain Migration, NumbersUSA.

“The KEY FACTOR in immigration policy is choosing the right number of authorized immigrants for future years. To choose a lower number does not imply anything negative about the immigrants already here legally in this country. “We're talking about the future annual level of immigration that is best for both native-bornU.S. citizens and foreign-born U.S. citizens alike.? Roy Beck, Founder & President

If you want to know more in-depth as to the onslaught of immigration, this 19-minute video shows you how our 535 Congressional reps mislead us and swamp us with jihadist chain-migrated and diversity immigrants:

We face unprecedented population growth with legal immigration at 1.2 million annually. We cannot sustain it as to water, energy and resources. We face being overrun by third world immigrants who cannot function nor are they prepared to work or co-exist within our country. They create parallel societies that live exclusively off our taxpayer dollars via welfare in housing, food, schooling, medical and dental care. We’re being financially bled to death and sociologically destroyed as to our culture, language and way of life.

Call you senators and House members:

  • Stop all diversity visas immediately to protect us from terrorists.
  • Stop all anchor baby instant-citizenship births.
  • Stop all chain-migration immediately as it cannot be sustained.
  • Stop all immigration because we will not survive the projected 100,000,000 (million) more immigrants arriving in our country by 2045.

Nothing will have more impact on your childrens’ lives that immigration and the numbers. These videos explain what our future generations face:




The Remedy For Chain Migration: Chain Deportation!, by Paul Nachman, VDare, December 29, 2017:

The folks at NumbersUSA have been focusing this year on chain migration... Recently Numbers has been running a national TV ad, 30 seconds long, on this basic, festering point:


Note that the Numbers ad centers on the chains that would be launched by legalization of the DACA-protected illegal aliens, not from legally-admitted seed immigrants.  But the phenomenon and its societal impacts are comparable.

So it’s a great triumph for the forces of immigration sanity that “chain migration” is—at long last!—a concept that’s surfaced in the national conversation, since these chains make up a large fraction of the legal-immigration influx.

(Why should national recognition of this obvious concept be considered a “triumph”?  Because most Americans know next-to-nothing about immigration beyond such weary slogans—actually, sales pitches—as “We’re a nation of immigrants.” 

... “chain deportation”—there’s an idea whose time we can hope will come!