Supreme Court: allow illegal aliens and non-citizens to vote in elections - full court press to destroy United States

The constant lawsuits by the ACLU, SPLC, ADL, MALDEF and the DOJ against various states that prevent them from fighting back against foreign invaders who are colonizing our nation and Balkanizing our schools and communities is proof positive that the Supreme Court, DHS and DOJ are working to thwart any measures by states to repel invasion. Now, the Supreme Court has struck another blow against Americans who want to keep America for Americans and prevent illegal aliens from voting in our own democratic republic. What is a nation to do when its own central government is acting in a manner that guarantees that any person on the planet who wants to illegally enter the U.S. and have all the privileges of citizenship, including the vote, cannot be questioned, held, or deported by police? The current Supreme Court, Congress, and Executive Branch are acting like an autoimmune disorder working to destroy the defenses of our nation against invasion.

The Supreme Court and its lackey media claim that requiring proof of citizenship to vote somehow is designed to keep citizens from voting, rather than to prevent non-citizens from voting in American elections. The Orwellian lies used to put lipstick on rulings meant to aid a foreign takeover of our government through allowing illegal aliens to determine who "our" representatives are is appalling. Taken in the context of other rulings meant to prevent the Border Patrol from deporting illegal border crossers or police from holding criminals who are also illegal aliens is a full court press attack on the very foundations of our republic. What more can I say?