Trump rally report

A rally in support of Donald Trump was held on the Colorado Capitol steps on July 1, 2016.
A cloudy Friday afternoon and the Trump faithful got a chance to hear from some savvy speakers on issues that are important in this years' election. A sizeable crowd was resolute in support of Mr. Trump's policies on immigration, trade, and terror. Speakers presented the implications of not placing understanding officials like Trump in the White House. 
The rally started with former representative Tom Tancredo reminding everyone that immigrants originally came to America not to change the country but to change themselves. He warned that the failure to assimilate by new immigrants hurts not only Americans but their opportunities as future Americans. Tancredo said he missed the America where young people had job opportunities and didn't have to live with their parents. He noted that illegal labor is a problem for the young in America. Tancredo assured everyone that Donald Trump understands the pressing need for Americans to have job opportunitiess. 
Laura Wilkerson, with The Remembrance Project, who's son Joshua was murdered by an illegal alien, told a story of government incompetence in her son's death. She related the frustrations in trying to keep illegals from harming others when the those responsible to detect, detain, and deport criminal illegal aliens fail to do their job. Laura highlighted the "Stolen Lives Quilt," a reminder of the lives lost at the hands of illegal aliens. Ms. Wilkerson said Donald Trump would actually enforce immigration laws. 
Casper Stockham, who is running for Colorado House District 1, came to the rally to show his support for Donald Trump. Casper, who said he understood racism, supported Trumps efforts to keep Americans safe. "We have become too comfortable with the word racist. Trump is not a racist. We need to come together." George Athanasopoulos (Candidate, CD7), said he did not trust Hillary Clinton to do the things necessary to keep Americans safe from international terrorism. Both men reflected the concerns of the Trump supporters. 
After the speakers, Migul Velasco, a latino supporter of Trump, summed up the feelings of most on the issue of immigration. As an immigration attorney he urges immigrants to use the legal system correctly and wants congress to speed up the immigration process. He mentioned the problem the glut of illegal aliens from El Salvador has created in blocking the process for orderly immigration through the courts. 
Supporters who were able to come to the rally on Friday workday showed support for Donald Trump and other candidates. There were state congressional representatives, senators, and hopefuls, making themselves accessible to rally supporters for dialogue. It was a good event which offered clarity on issues of importance.


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